Reverse the Signs of Aging With NeriumAD Age Defying Night Cream-Giveaway

I’ve become a lot more proactive about my skincare routine in the last few years. I was terrible about taking care of my skin in my twenties and that neglect has finally started to catch up with me in my thirties. Recently I managed to really commit to a skin routine and now that I’m starting to see such great improvements, I wanted to step it up even more by adding a great multitasking product to my skincare regime that would help fight aging and smooth my skin tone even more.

NeriumAD Age Defying Night Cream is said to do just that, and recently I was given a chance to test out this all-in-one skincare product for myself to see what I thought. The product has been getting a lot of attention lately for its promise of real results including minimized wrinkles and improved skin tone and texture. In fact, some people use nothing but NeriumAD once a day on their skin. I decided that I would combine it with my current skincare regime and see how I liked it.

neriumad age defying night cream

The product is designed to be used before bed and the application is a little unique compared to most skincare products. I started by cleansing my face with my usual cleanser. Then I rinsed my face well, dispensed three pumps of NeriumAD into my hands and applied the formula to my wet face. Applying to damp skin is essential for proper absorption. After a few minutes, my face was dry and I was ready to go to bed.

I noticed two things immediately after applying the NeriumAD. The first was the smell. It was very distinctive and while I actually really liked it, I could certainly see some people finding it unpleasant. It reminded me of something leafy and tropical and was a very fresh scent in my opinion. The second thing I noticed was the way the NeriumAD felt after drying on my skin. It created a tightening effect that left my skin feeling more toned, almost as if I’d applied a facial mask.

nerium before and after
An example of the results some people have seen using Nerium.

The next morning, some people simply rinse their face with water to reactivate the NeriumAD Age Defying Night Cream and then continue with their cosmetics. I decided that I wanted to give my skin some extra protection, so after wetting my face and letting it dry, I also used my usual facial moisturizer. My skin felt soft and healthy all day long with this regime and I liked having the extra nourishment for my face.

It took about four or five days before I really started noticing a difference with the NeriumAD, but it was rather distinctive when I did. Even though the product is not designed to treat acne in any way, I noticed that my hormonal acne breakouts had healed more quickly than usual, and my skin had a rather noticeable glow. I also noticed some increased smoothness of my face; my cheeks especially had a much more youthful tone to them. After trying out the formula for a week, I can’t wait to see what my results will be like in a month or so!

nerium optimera line

NeriumAD is available across the United States and is in the process of launching an International product line called Optimera in Canada as well. The product is sold by brand partners such as Cindy, the brand partner that provided me with the cream to try and if you try it and love it, becoming a brand partner is a great way to share your passion for the product and earn extra money as well! Check out the Nerium International site for more details and to see how you can be one of the first people in Canada to share Nerium Optimera with others! Want to give the Nerium line a try yourself first? You’re in luck because two lucky readers are going to win their own bottle of NeriumAD Age Defying Night Cream, an $80 value, so that they can experience their own real results! To enter to win, just visit the Nerium website and leave a blog comment about something you learned there.

So far I’m really enjoying the experience of using NeriumAD, and I think what I like most about it is how easy it is to use. Just one application once a day at bedtime is all that’s needed to start seeing results. Products that are easy to use are always more popular with me, which makes NeriumAD a great fit. I haven’t seen any especially dramatic results yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing if I notice a more major difference in my skin as the weeks go by. If you have issues with age spots, wrinkles or uneven skin tone and are looking for something to help, Nerium may be a product that you want to try!
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151 thoughts on “Reverse the Signs of Aging With NeriumAD Age Defying Night Cream-Giveaway”

  1. I learned that it is pretty costly and you need to keep using it for the lasting effects, it’s like a facelift in a bottle

    1. Hi Lynda, I wanted to let you know about the ordering options. If a person is not interested in the monthly commitment, he or she has the option (after they have signed up) to adjust their monthly auto-ship to bi-monthly. Then one would use two pumps instead of the recommended four pumps and this stretches the bottle to two months, instead of just one month, thus making it more affordable. I have to admit though, that once I added up how much I was spending on Retin-A every 3-6 months, my Mary Kay regimen every six months, plus other periodic “add-ins” such as Skinceuticals Ferulic Acid, that I am now actually SAVING money merely using the NeriumAD Day and Night Cream and Dove soap! And that is MY forehead and RESULTS up there!

      Also, any lotion you use will only provide benefits for as long as you use it or for short time thereafter. It is like taking vitamins… if you stop taking them, eventually you are going to lose the benefits, but while you took them, you were staving off free radicals, etc. So while you are using NeriumAD, you are staving off the aging process, correcting discoloration and pigmentation issues, and NeriumAD prevents 40% of EMERGING lines, which is really exciting to me!

      Good luck!

  2. Nerium SkinCare contracted with ST&T Research to provide additional research and a series of clinical trials for safety and efficacy over a five-year period (2008-2012).

    I’m impressed that they took 5 years to perfect their product

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