Hit the Road! The Best Travel Safety Products from Master Lock

With spring finally here, it’s time to start making plans for the warm weather and in this house, that always means doing a little travelling. My boys and I love to travel and whether we’re planning a long vacation somewhere exotic or just taking off for a few days to visit family, we always have fun wherever we go.

And thanks to Master Lock, we travel safely as well! The company has so many convenient products perfect for travelling and recently I received a few favourites to review. If you’re planning any spring travels, these safety devices will help you do so with confidence.

master lock luggage lock4688D Luggage Lock

This handy little luggage lock comes in four different colours and is TSA approved for travel. I’ve wanted a luggage lock for some time now and this one was the perfect solution. It uses a flexible cable to help minimize damage from baggage handling equipment, and is easy to set and reset. It gives me so much peace of mind knowing that my belongings are safe, but also that the TSA can still inspect my bags if necessary.

master lock safespace5900D SafeSpace Portable Safe

The SafeSpace is my ultimate travel essential, whether I’m taking the boys camping or flying out of the country. It keeps my valuables safe and secure, and is so convenient to use. I like the fact that I can use the cable to secure the safe to something solid when out and about. And it’s just the right size to hold money and important documents while travelling!

master lock door security bar265DCCSEN Security Bar

My boys and I often spend one or more nights in a hotel when we travel. And sometimes the hotel room we’re given has a balcony. I don’t want my boys wandering out there without me, so the Security Bar has been incredibly handy for securing patio doors in hotel rooms. It’s simple to set up and lets me shower and sleep knowing that my boys are safe inside the room. It can even be used to add extra security to the hotel room door too!

master lock vaultMaster Lock Vault

While I have the SafeSpace to keep my most important items safe while travelling, I also want to have backups of important information just in case. The Master Lock Vault is my favourite way to store and access that information anywhere. It’s free, incredibly safe and stores everything from passwords to scans of our passports and our health insurance information. Master Lock was also safe from the recent Heartbleed bug, a testament to how dedicated the company is to providing the highest level of security to users.

master lock key safe5422D Portable Key Safe

While travelling is fun, making sure that our home is safe while we’re gone is a top priority too. Rather than just leaving a key with a neighbour, I use the key safe to keep a key secure in case it’s needed. If anything happens while we’re away and I need to let someone into the house as a result, I can just give him the combination so that the key can be accessed. It’s a simple, safe solution that works great for our family.

So far I’m planning a potential trip to the United States this year with the boys and possibly a few other shorter trips to Alberta and Manitoba. And while we’re travelling, I’ll be confident knowing that our most important possessions are safe thanks to these great products from Master Lock. Check them out and find the best ones for your family travels!

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  1. donna makayak

    I didn’t now also you can use a security bar in place of giving a key to friend/neighbor I gotta remember next time im in a hardware store.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know a security bar such as that one existed! I can think of so many situations now where I wish I had something like that! Master Lock is an amazing company….their luggage locks are so durable!

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