Five Fun Activities to Get Your Family Outdoors this Spring

After a long winter and an even longer wait for warmer weather, Saskatchewan is finally starting to get some of that sweet sunshine that I love so much and that means it’s time to head outside!

I love being able to get outdoors again, but after a long winter indoors, I do sometimes flounder when trying to plan outdoor activities again!

boy on bridge playground

If you’re also looking for fun ways to get back outside now that your weather is warming up, here are some great ideas for kids and adults alike!

  • Visit your local playground: Climb the jungle gym and dig in the sand box for treasures.
  • Join a league: Want to get really active and work on your camaraderie? You and your kids can join sports leagues, encouraging everyone to get out, be active and have some laughs with friends along the way.
  • Go camping: You might not always be able to steal away to go camping in the woods, but you can always put up a tent a little closer to home in your own backyard or local park.
  • Get gardening: It’s spring, and you know what that means – it’s time to seed the lawn and plant your flower beds because it’s gardening season!
  • Escape to the cottage: If you live in a city, the idea of escaping as it warms up is extremely appealing. To some this may mean opening up the cottage, which involves cleaning up (both inside and out) and outdoor adventures, including hiking, canoeing and swimming.

boys on swing

No matter what activities are going to be filling your month, finding fun things to do outdoors is so much easier once the weather warms up!

Personally, getting the bikes out and going for a long bike ride with my boys is one of my favourite ways of welcoming warmer weather, but that first ride sure does make for still legs the next day! What activities are you going to be enjoying this month?

19 thoughts on “Five Fun Activities to Get Your Family Outdoors this Spring”

  1. Judy C (Judy Cowan)

    Can’t wait to get out and enjoy the nice summer weather (if we ever get it…lol). We love to camp so spend lots of time outdoors hiking, walking, biking and swimming. Just recently tried the RUB A535 Natural Source Arnica Gel-Cream and love it!

  2. Darlene Demell

    Now that the weather is nicer, when its not raining that is, we like to walk, and also visit the local parks. Its also time to do some gardening and after that I need the 535 rub for my aching muscles.

  3. I have had back problems since I was a teenager and RUB A535 is one of the only topical creams that give relief.

  4. With such a short window for good weather, we try to get outside as much as possible as soon as spring hits. We’ve been going to the track for a family walk/run 4 days a week (Grandma comes too, so we take turns walking with the stroller/little ones while still getting our runs in), heading to the playground after school twice a week, and next weekend we are going camping on the family farm. Loving the warm weather!!

  5. I love this stuff I have MS and suffer from sore muscles after every walk,and the kids use it after sports

  6. We’ve been walking and biking, exploring out walking paths and all the parks near us. Getting very dirty! And lots of sore muscles :-)

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