New HEXBUG Aquabot and Battle Spider Toys are Tons of Robotic Fun

A few years ago, my boys discovered HEXBUG Nano, small mechanical robot bugs that use vibration technology to scoot around different tracks in an incredibly realistic manner. HEXBUG Nano bugs were a hit with children everywhere, but the company didn’t stop the innovation there! The HEXBUG company has recently created even more fun robotic creatures and they’re great choices for boys and girls alike.

hexbug aquabot

My personal favourite is the new HEXBUG Aquabot robotic fish. The fish comes either on its own or with its own special tank and when water is added, it swims and dives around just like a real fish! To conserve battery life, the fish shuts off when removed from the water and also has an automatic shutoff feature that activates after five minutes. The best part is, this is one fish whose tank never needs cleaning!

HEXBUG has also created a new robotic bug that’s perfect for battling with friends: the HEXBUG Battle Spider! This robotic spider features a remote control and uses infrared beams to launch attacks against other Battle Spiders. When the beam hits its target, the rival spider freezes. I have a feeling battling with these spiders will be something my boys want to do all the time!

hexbug battle spider

HEXBUG products are available at toy stores across Canada and with so many different robotic creatures to choose from, there’s sure to be one that your child just has to have. After all, what child doesn’t love a robot? Check out the new products and see which one would make the perfect robotic friend for your child!

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  1. My son loved his fish aquabot while it was in the box – it never did swim very well. When I got it replaced it made him happier, now he’s thinking about getting a real fish to keep his aquabot company!!


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