Build the Ultimate Hot Wheels Track with Hot Wheels Track Builder Sets

When my oldest son was just a toddler, he fell in love with Hot Wheels cars. In fact, his very first group birthday party was a Hot Wheels party and as soon as he learned how to talk, he used to tell people that he was going to be a race car driver when he grew up.

Now that he’s older, he’s outgrown his obsession a bit, but he still loves his Hot Wheels! So he was pretty excited when Hot Wheels Canada recently gave us the chance to take part in the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge.

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I initially planned to let Zackary and his friends build a massive Hot Wheels track at his birthday party but unfortunately the tracks didn’t arrive in time, so instead we used some of our leftover party goodies, set out some new snacks and had a track-building challenge with my boys and their cousins a week later.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set was by far the highlight of the track that the children put together. Being able to launch five different cars at once had Benjamin playing with this track for over an hour even once the rest of the kids were done building!

hot wheels track building

To celebrate Zackary’s birthday initially, I whipped up some car-themed cookies and a Hot Wheels cake. Since we still had some goodies left over, the kids enjoyed cookies, juice and the half of the cake I had saved once they were done creating their ultimate track.

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Then it was back to racing the cars down the different tracks! The shooting plane included in the 5-Lane Tower Starter Set was a hit with all the kids and even I couldn’t believe how far the plane flew when it launched!

hot wheels track builder track

Hot Wheels tracks and cars are nothing new to us in this house, but I have to admit I was really impressed with the Track Builder sets we received.

The connecters were recently improved to make building original track designs so much easier, and the versatility of the tracks is far greater than that of some of Zackary’s stunt track sets. All the kids had so much fun racing cars around the track and I’m sure Zackary and Benjamin will continue having fun with this track set for weeks to come.

Whether your child is new to Hot Wheels or has been a fan for years, trying the new Track Builder sets is an activity that the whole family will enjoy.

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153 thoughts on “Build the Ultimate Hot Wheels Track with Hot Wheels Track Builder Sets”

  1. Crystal Englot

    Well my son is the biggest hot wheels fan out there so I would say he would be over the moon excited if I won this for him :)

  2. This would be a day of big smiles and an extra twinkle in any lil ones eyes! My sons and all their lil friends would be enjoying these hot wheels if I was to win!

  3. Rosanne Robinson

    My younger brother used to play with Hot Wheels when he was a boy and now my grandson LOVES playing with them too, they bring back great memories!

  4. Cheryl (@loucheryl)

    My 4 year old son is the biggest Hot Wheels fan ever. He would be so happy if I won this for him.

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