Get Your Car Cleaned Up and Ready for Summer with Armor All

With summer being such a perfect time for road trips, I like to make sure that my car is always cleaned out and ready to take on the road. In fact, having recently bought a new car, I’m even more determined to keep it in top shape. The body of my 2006 Ford Taurus is currently in perfect condition and I want to keep it that way!

Armor All is a brand I’m pretty familiar with already, and I’ve always especially liked the company’s Cleaning Wipes for quickly dealing with messes from little ones’ sticky fingers. But recently the company sent me a package of car care products specifically designed for keeping my tires, rims and trim looking great and I have to admit that this isn’t an aspect of car care that I’ve thought much about.

2006 ford taurus

I received Armor All LONGLAST Tire Glaze, Tire & Rim Care Kit and LONGLAST Trim & Plastic Restorer to review and since my boys and I were heading to Edmonton for the long weekend, I decided to spend the week before we left giving the car a thorough cleaning. After a trip to the car wash to spray down the body and give it a quick waxing, I drove home and got ready to test out the products I had received.

I started out by using the Tire & Rim Care Kit. I loved the fact that it came with a Tire Brush, because cleaning tires can be one dirty job! The brush combined with the Tire Foam and Rim Cleaner made it easy to get the grime off my tires and rims, and then the LONGLAST Tire Glaze protected them to ensure that my wheels would stay clean and in great shape for longer!

After getting my wheels and rims sparkling, I used the Armor All LONGLAST Trim & Plastic Restorer to clean the trim around the windows. One of the things I liked about this product was that it provided long-lasting protection to the trim as well as cleaning it to help prevent cracking, fading and other damage. The product came with two microfiber cloths that make applying the product so simple, and the results were fantastic!

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I’m so happy that my car is sparkling clean and ready for summer adventures now. From day trips and picnics to weekend getaways, summer travel is something that is always on the agenda in this household. And we’ll be travelling in style now thanks to these great cleaning products from Armor All. Check them out and get your car ready for travelling this summer!

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  1. Crystal Englot

    My husband and I literally clean our trucks at least once a week! We are very particular on how clean they are, after all a vehicle is a large investment so it is best to keep them in immaculate condition! (P.S. we only use Armor All on our vehicles!)

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