Three Easy Money-Saving Tips to Increase Financial Independence

It took me a few years and a lot of tough lessons, but at 33 I have become a fairly efficient money manager.


Planning for the future and striving for financial independence is such an important part of being an adult, and while there are all kinds of ways to do that, they don’t all have to be difficult!

So how do I work towards financial independence every day? Here are my top 3 money saving tips for financial independence:

Save On Essentials

My first method is to find ways to save when shopping for essentials.

For example, a surprisingly large amount of most people’s monthly budget is spent on fairly inexpensive consumable items such as personal care products and cleaning supplies.

I quickly learned when tracking my purchases that by paying attention to the results I got with different products, I could whittle down the amount I spent.

Often, that cheap $1 bottle of floor cleaner works just as well as a pricier brand name. And when that isn’t the case, buying a more expensive product actually lasts longer and saves me money over time!

personal care products

Save on Transportation

I make it a point to walk or bike everywhere in my small hometown, regardless of the weather or the nature of my errand.

Gas is expensive, and wasting it to go to places that are within walking distance just doesn’t make sense to me.

By finding a handy grocery cart that attaches to the back of my bicycle, I can even pick up the weekly groceries without spending a penny on gas.

And best of all, since I always bring my boys along, it lets us spend time together as a family and get a little exercise too!

mom and boy on bike

Save Your Savings

One other way I strive for financial independence is by keeping track of the amounts I save and then actually adding that money to an online savings account.

Getting a great deal is a step in the right direction, but if I just use the money I saved to buy something else, the savings aren’t really beneficial.

By actually taking that saved money out of the budget and banking it for the future, I motivate myself to keep saving and build up my account more and more!

savings receipt

There are so many little things that can be done to help a family move towards financial independence, from cooking meals at home instead of eating at restaurants to exchanging that monthly trip to the movies for a night of Netflix and homemade snacks instead.

And all of these money saving tips result in savings that can build up bank accounts, pay off debt and help you achieve your financial goals.

Give them a try and start working towards a more financially secure future!

32 thoughts on “Three Easy Money-Saving Tips to Increase Financial Independence”

  1. Trying to do most of these wih the cost of everything going up it seems! Food costs are outragous lately!

  2. I use coupons all the time, price match and try to find free activities for the kids to do in the summer. I am very careful with money.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to look into this program, as I have not thought enough about my financial future.

  4. I use lots of coupons, sometimes shop at the dollar store for things and buy things on sale. I try to save as much money as I can.

  5. I’ve been using coupons and price matching as much as possible to save money and help pay off any debt….bring frugal and putting away money I’ve saved has been very helpful!

  6. I like to use watch for sales and use coupons and also when i find sales buy in bulk and cook up meals and freeze them .Saves time and money!

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