Evenflo SecureKid DLX Harnessed Booster Keeps Kids Safe During Family Travel

Our family does a lot of travelling so it goes without saying that keeping my boys safe on the road is a top priority for me. Zackary recently outgrew a booster seat and now sits properly with just a seatbelt when we drive, but Benjamin still needs that extra safety and support that a car seat provides. Since my boys were infants I’ve trusted the quality of Evenflo car seats and strollers, so when I got the chance to act as an Evenflo Ambassador and review one of the company’s top car seats, I was thrilled.

boy in evenflo securekid dlx car seat

Benjamin is at the stage of transitioning from a five-point front-facing car seat to a booster seat, so I was sure the Evenflo SecureKid DLX Harnessed Booster would be the best choice for him. This versatile car seat is perfect for children that have outgrown a rear facing car seat since it’s appropriate for children between 22 lbs. and 110 lbs, and it’s a great choice for parents as well because it grows with a child right up until he no longer needs a booster seat.

evenflo e3 side impact

There are a few features that really set the SecureKid DLX apart from other car seats. First of all, the safety features are absolutely top of the line. The seat’s structural integrity has been tested to be approximately two times higher than the federal crash standard and the e3 Side Impact Protection contains three layers of foam to minimize side impact forces by up to 50%. The seat has even been tested to provide maximum protection in both high and low temperatures, something that’s very important to me in a province like Saskatchewan!

The installation process is also very easy thanks to the SureLATCH Connectors on the seat. I simply clipped the two connectors to the car seat bar in the back seat, pushed the back of the seat to tighten the straps into place and checked to ensure the seat was locked properly. In less than a minute the seat was ready to be used! This car seat also features multiple options for adjusting the fit, so I raised the headrest and adjusted the length and positioning of the straps to ensure they fit Benjamin snugly without being too tight.

evenflo securekid dlx harnessed booster

Of course, while the safety and ease of use are of huge importance to me when choosing a car seat, Benjamin is also old enough to have his own ideas about what he likes and what he doesn’t. The comfortable cushioning of the headrest was a feature he especially enjoyed and the two cup holders, one on either side of the car seat, let him have a drink close at hand or store small toys and trinkets within easy reach. As an added bonus, he is even able to buckle himself into the seat on his own, though he still needs a bit of help getting out!

benjamin in evenflo car seat

The Evenflo SecureKid DLX Harnessed Booster has been an ideal car seat for our family and it’s so comfortable for my son that having it has actually persuaded him to keep using the five-point harness even though he’d previously been bothering me about switching to just the seatbelt on his booster. And all the advanced safety features help me to feel confident about being on the road with my boys. Check out the full line of infant car seats from Evenflo and experience the difference for yourself. Whether you have a newborn or a preschooler, you’ll be able to travel with greater peace of mind with Evenflo!

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15 thoughts on “Evenflo SecureKid DLX Harnessed Booster Keeps Kids Safe During Family Travel”

  1. I think finding a good carseat that you like and has the safety features that’s important to you is worth the investment!! I like this one that you reviewed!

  2. Great features! Certainly something to check out as we’re expecting our first little one this November! Thanks for the great read!

  3. A forward facing harnessed seat is an excellent choice for a 5-6 year old (though I personally would suggest snugging up the straps and bumping up the chest clip). Does your older son 5-step in the car? Most kids don’t until they are 10-12 years old (and are 4’9″ tall).

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