The Levana Ayden Video Baby Monitor Lets You Do More While Baby Sleeps

When my oldest was a baby, I never would have thought about getting a video baby monitor. It would have seemed like a somewhat needless expense when I was with my son so much anyways and when I already had a standard audio monitor to use when he was sleeping. But I never realized just how often I would think that I’d heard my son through the monitor, only to rush upstairs and discover that he was still sleeping.

That’s why ever since, I’ve been a huge advocate for video baby monitors. I’ve seen a few being used and the ease and security they provide are absolutely priceless. No more wondering if you really did hear your baby, because you can check the video and confirm he’s awake. And while a basic video monitor is great, there are also some with a variety of other features that will make them an essential in your house in no time!

levana ayden video baby monitor

I recently received one such video baby monitor to review, the Levana Ayden Video Baby Monitor. Levana takes child safety seriously and I saw that firsthand when I reviewed the company’s Oma Movement Monitor a short time ago. Its new Ayden Video Baby Monitor is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to a parent’s peace of mind and I couldn’t wait to check it out.

The monitor features a bevy of parent-friendly features including a 48-hour battery life when being used in power-saving PEEP mode, night vision up to 15 feet, temperature monitoring and a Talk to Baby two-way intercom. With an optional nightlight and lullabies, it’s not just a great way to keep an eye on your baby, it also allows you to soothe baby back to sleep without having to get out of bed yourself.

levana ayden monitor

Personally, one of my favourite features is the fact that the Ayden monitor is expandable up to four cameras. I realized shortly after discovering video baby monitors that one of their biggest advantages is the fact they can be used to monitor older children as well. I currently have the monitor set up in the living room so that when I’m working upstairs I can still make sure my boys are behaving. Expanding that system with additional cameras would let me ensure that my boys were secure anywhere in the house!

The Levana Ayden Video Baby Monitor is available now on and is a great gift for new parents and a must for any family. Check out the full range of Levana video baby monitors on the website and find one that’s a great fit for your growing family!

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148 thoughts on “The Levana Ayden Video Baby Monitor Lets You Do More While Baby Sleeps”

  1. I think the money could go towards something that is only used for 6 -8 months. What happened to checking on your baby?

  2. I’m really glad one of my friends insisted that I get a video monitor instead of an audio only one. So great to see what my daughter is up to when she is not sleeping. :-)

  3. This is so awesome, I wished there were products like this when I had my babies, I need to get the new and improved items for my daughter, so I can be able to use them when I

  4. what an awesome idea! the monitors i had were the ones where there wasnt even a screen. currently pregnant with number 2 so i should totally look into this

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