Treat Minor Injuries with Hot or Cold Therapy Thanks to THERA°PEARL Packs-Giveaway

As a somewhat clumsy mom with two very active boys, it goes without saying that we have our fair share of bumps, bruises, strains and sprains in this house. In fact, in the last week alone my youngest son got a black eye playing with his brother, my oldest scraped his knee racing in the back yard and I managed to both strain my shoulders hunching over my computer and sprain my finger playing football with my siblings.

With minor injuries being a fairly major part of our lives, having plenty of first-aid treatment available is a must and recently I had the chance to test out a new option for both hot and cold therapy for minor injuries. THERA°PEARL packs are innovative and reusable packs filled with pearl technology beads that can either be microwaved to provide heat therapy or frozen and used cold. I received an assortment of THERA°PEARL products to test out and I was very excited to give them a try.

boy with therapearl pals frog

Of course, both of my boys immediately fell in love with the THERA°PEARL Pals Frog, an adorable frog-shaped pack perfect for bumps and bruises. In fact, when Benjamin got his black eye, the first thing I did was take out the pack and let him use it on the bruise. Not only did the cold help with the swelling, but getting to hold the cheery little frog helped Benjamin to feel better too!

My own personal favourite product was the THERA°PEARL Neck Wrap. Working on a computer all day, I occasionally get very stiff and aching shoulders and in the past, I’d usually just take a painkiller and wait for the aches to work their way out. Sometimes it would take days for the pain to completely fade away and it always made life more difficult. Now, I simply microwave the Neck Wrap, wrap it around my shoulders and enjoy almost instant relief thanks to the muscle-relaxing warmth!

For my own not-too-infrequent bumps and bruises, the THERA°PEARL Sports Pack and Contour Pack are a great choice since they’re a convenient size and easy to use. I like to keep one in the freezer and the other by the microwave so that I’m ready for whatever minor injury I might be treating. And the Contour Pack’s adjustable strap is so handy for hands-free treatment when I’m just too busy to sit holding a THERA°PEARL pack in place!

therapearl prize pack

If you’re longing to test out these products as well, you’re in luck! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a THERA°PEARL Prize Pack containing all four of the products I received, a $61 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which product would be the handiest for your family.

What makes these packs so great is their versatility, and I love the way the beads let the packs fit snugly against the skin for maximum benefits. For any kind of minor strain or sprain, they’re a convenient and easy-to-use choice that the whole family will love. Take a look at the full range of products and find the ones that are perfect for your family!
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169 thoughts on “Treat Minor Injuries with Hot or Cold Therapy Thanks to THERA°PEARL Packs-Giveaway”

  1. My neck is always sore from sitting in front of the computer entering contests like this one!!! The neckwrap would be such a relief!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!!!

  2. I have to say, the Contour Pack would be the most used in my house. We have one already, and it is amazing! With 3 men in the house, it’s hard to spread it around! lol

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