I’m a Savvy Spender! What’s Your BIG Deal Personality? #UsedHelps

If there’s one thing that I love, it’s saving money. And one of my favourite ways to do that is to buy and sell secondhand items. There are all kinds of ways to find the perfect BIG deal, and when it comes to finding fab deals, I fit the profile of Savvy Spender perfectly. Buy a little here, sell a little there and the end result is more money in my pocket. Who wouldn’t love that?

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In my mind, a true Savvy Spender approaches every potential purchase with one question…why pay more? And I ask myself that question every time I’m planning a purchase. When my fridge quit working a few years ago, I visited UsedRegina.com and found a great deal on a matching fridge and stove that was less than five years old. When my son discovered Skylanders this year, I decided that rather than making multiple single purchases of the toys, I’d buy a set of thirty Skylanders secondhand and save. In fact, I’ve often said that even if I won the lottery, I would never buy a brand new vehicle or luxury item. If I can get a used one that’s as good as new, why throw that extra money away?

Of course, I have things I want to sell as well. In our household, toys are the most frequent saleable item as my boys outgrow one set of toys and discover new ones. Clothing is a close second, though of course most of Zackary’s clothing gets passed down to Benjamin! At least once a year, I try to organize a large garage sale and clear out a bunch of items all at once. The rest of the time, I list the items online so that I can free up space and make some extra money at the same time!

Everyone has their own BIG deal personality, from the crafty DIY Diva to the low-price-loving Hunter or the reinvesting Flipper to the stockpiling Happy Hoarder. And if you’re curious about what your BIG deal personality is, you’ll want to head over to UsedEverywhere.com to take their BIG deal personality quiz! Just by taking the quiz and finding out what type of deal-lover you are, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of two Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s or $500 cash! Now that’s a deal that suits every personality!

You only have until Monday, September 22 to discover your BIG deal personality and enter to win, so don’t delay! Of course, finding amazing deals that suit you perfectly on UsedEverywhere.com may just be the best reward of all!

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31 thoughts on “I’m a Savvy Spender! What’s Your BIG Deal Personality? #UsedHelps”

  1. I literally never pay full price for anything. (except sometimes certain foods). I always coupon or find sale of clearances. I definitely consider myself a Savvy Spender as well.

  2. I like to save money so yes, I consider myself a Savvy Spender. I recently bought my granddaughter a gently used Barbie Townhouse at a garage sale and saved big bucks. :-)

  3. I like to think of myself as a Savvy Spender as well! Great minds think alike! Clothes are handed down, and we aren’t too proud to take any hand me downs from friends/family either!

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