Let Your Kids Blast Up Some Fun with BOOMco Toys from Mattel #BOOMcoBLAST

My boys are always excited to check out the latest new toys and so when a large BOOMco box from Mattel arrived at the front door recently, Zackary and Benjamin were bouncing off the walls with excitement. This new line of blasters features fun soft tips that will stick to targets without damaging breakable household items.

boomco blasters

Luckily, we are having a week of gorgeous weather here in Saskatchewan, so we headed outside to let the boys test out the blasters. The little CLIPFIRE blasters were especially popular since they were easy to load and had great range. After practicing with the target for a little while, the boys had a blast shooting the darts straight up into the air to see how high they would fly!

boomco clipfire blaster

The large BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster was a little hard for Benjamin to fire on his own, but Zackary loved it. And when he realized that he could shoot the darts around the trampoline and the safety net would keep them inside, he spent almost an hour bouncing around and shooting darts at the mesh wall. In fact, these blasters led to my boys playing together outside with no arguing for over two hours!

BOOMco offers a variety of different blasters and targets perfect for both indoor and outdoor fun. And I love the way they get kids moving around to increase physical activity too. For more information about the new BOOMco products, make sure to visit the BOOMco website! Your children can watch monthly challenge videos and print out special targets to help them test their skills!

boomco rapid fire blaster

Zackary and Benjamin have loved playing with the BOOMco blasters in the back yard. And since the darts are nice and light so they won’t cause damage, I won’t have any problem sending the boys to play with their blasters in the basement playroom once the weather gets too cold for outdoor play. Check out the new line available at stores across Canada now and let your kids enjoy some action-packed outdoor fun!

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  1. well this looks like fun :) great review and your little stars look like they are having fun shooting them off… thanks for share @tisonlyme143

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