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When I was eight years old, my mom took me on my first major travel experience: a month-long trip to Finland to meet my Finnish relatives followed by a few weeks on the Greek half of Cyprus visiting with my aunt and uncle. It was a trip I still remember vividly to this day and it was also the trip that taught me how a country’s food enhances the experience of visiting that country. The traditional Finnish breakfast of bread, fruit and fresh cheese and the Greek-inspired dinners of Cyprus are food experiences that have stayed in my memory ever since.

mexico food experiences
A few of the culinary delights of Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

Twenty-five years later, I’ve had the chance to experience the culture and the food of many other cities and countries around the globe. From a five-course seafood meal in Cuba to wood-fired meat and vegetables in South Africa to cowboy-style steak cooked on a pitchfork in North Dakota, no vacation is complete for my boys and me until we’ve tried the food of the region. In fact, my next trip is likely going to be to New Orleans and it’s definitely the food that has me the most excited about the trip!

winnipeg food
Experiencing the best foods Winnipeg, Manitoba has to offer! knows all too well that great food can be one of the best things about a vacation and that’s why the company has created the first-ever Culinary Travel Trend Report! This list of the top ten cities boasting unique and delicious food experiences is sure to inspire you to do a little tasty travelling.

Of course, I was pretty excited to see that New Orleans made the list and now know to try some of the tasty craft cocktails the city has to offer when I’m there. And having read through the other top picks, I’m tempted to make some adjustments to my future travel plans. I’ve always dreamed of exploring Venice, Italy but I must admit that Tuscany now sounds every bit as appealing to me!

taste of edmonton food
A few of the ethnic specialties available in Edmonton, Alberta!

After getting some travel inspiration from the Culinary Travel Trend Report, you’re sure to be dreaming of your own culinary-inspired vacation. And is here to make that dream come true with the Taste for Travel giveaway! Just take the quick Taste for Travel quiz to determine your culinary travel personality and you’ll then be able to enter to win a vacation to one of the top ten culinary destinations!

Personally, I’m a Global Gastronomer, always willing to try the different foods of a region no matter how exotic. I was initially surprised that Toronto was recommended for me as a top destination but considering the diversity of the food available there, I must admit I would love to have the chance to eat my way through the city!

ontario food and wine
Gourmet food and wine from some of Ontario’s best wineries!

No matter what type of culinary travel personality you have, has some dream destinations to suggest that will allow you to indulge your love of food and travel in the perfect way. And winning a trip to one of those exotic destinations would certainly result in a foodie adventure to remember forever! Browse the trendiest culinary destinations for yourself, take the quiz and start dreaming about your ultimate culinary travel adventure. You may just get the chance to experience it thanks to!


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