Heal Minor Wounds Faster with Nexcare Tegaderm Dressings and Other Nexcare Products

My energy-filled boys get their fair share of bumps and scrapes in the course of their days and I have to admit that I’m often sporting just as many little injuries as they are. While bandages are always in the cupboards as a result, it wasn’t until last year that I discovered Nexcare bandages. The tight-sealing, waterproof bandages are the same ones used in hospitals and I love how easy they are to apply compared to traditional bandages as well as how much better they are at staying in place covering a wound.

Now Nexcare is innovating once again with its new Tegaderm dressings. These bandages take a new healing concept that is currently mostly used in hospitals, called moist healing, to help minor injuries heal faster and with less pain. Unlike the dry healing method, which allows a scab to form over a wound as the skin underneath repairs itself, moist healing seals the wound with a protective, breathable dressing that keeps the wound moist by containing the body’s fluid. I was intrigued to learn that in addition to faster and less painful healing, moist healing also generally results in less scarring as well!

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I received an assortment of Nexcare products to test out myself including the new Tegaderm products. I decided to use one of the Tegaderm dressings to treat a burn on my wrist since it was in a bit of an awkward spot and since I’ve sometimes had burns end up scarring as they healed. I really liked the way the Tegaderm dressing kept the burn clean and protected, and it did indeed heal without a single trace of a scar. These dressings are also perfect for blisters, scrapes and post-surgical incisions.

My youngest son’s playschool teacher once told me, “There’s a special kind of magic in a bandage,” and it’s true that often when my boys demand a bandage for an injury, they feel better because of the care rather than because the bandage does anything immediate to minimize the pain. With other brands, that’s often the only benefit that’s provided since my active kids soon manage to loose their bandages anyways. But Nexcare has always provided better protection, which is why it’s a brand I always keep in the house. And for even quicker and more effective healing, the new Nexcare Tegaderm dressings are a great new innovation. Give them a try and see what you think of moist healing!

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