Eat Better This Winter with Fall Picks from The Healthy Shopper

I’ve always felt that one of the best ways to live a healthier lifestyle is to make simple, sensible food choices rather than obsessing about the exact amount of calories and fat in certain foods. Natural, organic food is always a good choice for fuelling the body and that’s why I love discovering the newest healthy choices available thanks to The Healthy Shopper!

The Healthy Shopper is Canada’s only coupon book especially dedicated to natural and organic products. And this fall, the company has some great new top picks for anyone that wants to eat a little healthier during these cold winter months.

made good granola bites

My personal favourite product was the new Olympic Dairy Chia Yoghurt. I often add Chia seeds to my yoghurt because the crunchy little seeds boost the protein and fibre in my meals. Now Olympic Dairy has made enjoying Chia seeds even easier for me! I also loved the Made Good granola bars and granola minis. These organic bars are nut-free and contain whole grains with six essential vitamins. But the best part is that they’re absolutely delicious!

I also received some great gluten-free flour blend and cookie mix from Pamela’s Products. Since loved ones with dietary restrictions often miss out during holiday snacking, having a delicious and safe treat alternative for friends that can’t have wheat or gluten is always a good idea. And the tender texture of the cookies and products made with the flour is absolutely incredible.

Since the winter months can be so busy, having quick and healthy meal options in the house is a must for me and the organic pasta sauces from Simply Natural are a choice I know my boys will always love. With eight delicious varieties to choose from and a budget-friendly price of less than $4 a jar, they’re a simple way to ensure a quick pasta dinner is a little healthier!

Of course, with cold weather comes coughs and colds. And so far this year, my boys and I have already been hit with a few bad ones. I like finding homeopathic solutions to soothe symptoms and help us feel better fast. The Healthy Shopper sent me products from two different brands designed to do just that. Allimax is a natural herbal supplement designed to boost the immune system and help minimize illnesses during the winter. And Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Tiny Cold Tablets and Baby Cough Syrup naturally soothe cold and flu symptoms in little ones. My oldest son, when battling a hacking cough, actually preferred the Baby Cough Syrup to our regular commercial variety!

healthy shopper fall picks

I love The Healthy Shopper coupon book both because it introduces me to delicious, healthy brands I didn’t know about before and because it gives me the chance to save money on those brands. Find the book at select natural food stores near you and discover some tasty organic and natural food choices this fall!

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