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November is World Diabetes Month and even though nobody in our immediate family suffers from diabetes, my boys do have a history of it in their family and it really makes me think about what they’re eating each day. With so much sugar in the food that we eat, making sure that my boys aren’t getting too much is no easy task! My oldest son especially has a sweet tooth and if I don’t watch him, he will gobble up sugary sweets like mad.

But of course, I still want my kids to enjoy their food, so I have to get creative to make sure it’s appealing. Fruit plates are one of my favourite snack foods to prepare and both boys love them as well! To make the treat extra special without adding tons of sugar, I’ll sometimes serve fresh fruit with real whipped cream sweetened with just a hint of naturally-sourced Stevia sweetener.

fruit bowl

I also make sure that I try to limit the sugar my boys get on holidays. I never realized until I became a parent just how often kids are given large amounts of candy and chocolate. Halloween, Christmas, Easter…every few months another sugar-filled holiday comes along! While I accept that there’s not much I can do about Halloween, I do make sure that Christmas and Easter feature more toys and crafts than they do chocolate and candy.

And to naturally ensure that blood sugar levels are stable, I turn to the great assortment of supplements at Orange Naturals. From ALA, a powerful antioxidant that helps promote healthy glucose metabolism, to American Ginseng, a herb that promotes whole-body balance through relieving nervousness, boosting energy and supporting healthy glucose levels, there are so many safe and natural ways to assist with healthy blood sugar.

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Personally, I think I’ll be adding Orange Naturals Cinnamon to our diet a little more often. It’s a spice with a variety of health benefits, one of which is supporting healthy blood glucose, and it’s also absolutely delicious in so many foods! After all, maintaining good health now is the best way to prevent problems in the future. Whether you’re currently dealing with blood sugar issues or just want to ensure you don’t in the future, the line of natural and homeopathic products from Orange Naturals is a great way to ensure you’re as healthy as you can be. How do you minimize sugar in your family’s diet?

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  1. I have heard about this before, but haven’t tried it. My nephew has diabetes, I’m interested in knowing more about this product.

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