Complete Your Holiday Safety Wish List with These 6 Simple Safety Tips #LSSS

Once the holidays roll around, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun of creating a wish list of gifts that you dream of receiving. But for a truly enjoyable holiday season, making sure your Holiday Safety Wish List is checked off is a much more important task! Keep your home, possessions and loved ones safe and secure with a few simple holiday tips and get ready to enjoy a fun-filled Christmas this year!

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Keep candles away from flammable objects and on sturdy surfaces. Ensure small children cannot reach candles you have lit in the house, and never leave candles burning unattended. They’re a beautiful addition to holiday décor, but only when used responsibly.

When setting up the tree, make sure to choose either a fire-retardant artificial tree or a freshly cut real tree. Keep small decorations on higher branches if you have small children in the house to minimize choking hazards. And always choose a wide, steady base! Both children and pets can potentially knock over an unsteady tree.


Don’t overload electrical sockets when decorating. A single extension cord should never be attached to more than about three sets of lights. Choosing LED lights or other low-energy options are a great way to ensure you’re not putting too much stress on your electrical system.

Keep your outdoor storage areas secure through the coldest days of winter with a padlock designed to withstand the elements, such as the 312D Covered Laminated Padlock. Its laminated design helps keep out dirt and moisture to protect the lock’s mechanisms. And if you have a large outdoor property, consider installing motion-activated outdoor lights for extra security on the darkest nights.

When Travelling

Putting Christmas lights on a timer doesn’t just save power by taking the guesswork out of turning your lights on and off, it’s a great little security measure for times you’re not at home. Since thieves can’t be sure that the house is empty, they’re less likely to target the property.

Keep a spare key on hand in the Master Lock 5400D Key Safe so that a friend or neighbour can check on the property if the need arises. The advantage of this handy portable key safe is that you don’t have to give a spare key to one specific person. The key can be safely stored on your property and the code given to whoever needs to enter the house.

Making sure you’ve fulfilled your Holiday Safety Wish List will help to make your entire Christmas season one that the whole family can enjoy. And you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is secure. With some minimal preparations and a little care, you’ll have the best and safest holiday season ever!

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  1. amazing and helpful tips! something i have to be aware of is where i am putting my decorations this year with my 2 year old being so curious!

  2. Excellent tips! Thanks so much, I will definitely make sure to watch out for overloading power bars and keeping candles away from flammable objects!

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