Do Your Christmas Shopping in Style with the Showcase Holiday Gift Guide

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If you’re struggling to get started on your holiday shopping this year, there’s one destination that can take you from start to finish no matter who’s on your shopping list.

Showcase has identified the top ten gift-giving trends for 2014 and there really is something on here for everyone! Here are the ten most coveted products of the holiday season:


showcase kids gift ideas

Disney Frozen Toys, Games, Dress-Up Clothes and Décor

With the huge popularity of Frozen, it’s no wonder gifts featuring Anna, Elsa and Olaf are top picks.

While my boys obviously aren’t as interested in fancy dresses and sparkly shoes, they love the Showcase Talking & Pull-Apart Olaf! And for little girls, the assortment of dolls, dishes and décor are sure to create instant bliss!

Living Sands

Every kid loves playing in a sandbox, but when winter arrives, it’s just not something that’s possible indoors. Living Sands is made from actual sand and other natural materials and has a dough-like texture that leaves hands clean and dry.

Best of all, when the sand is broken apart gently, it appears to move as if it were alive! My boys love the creative possibilities of this unique product, and I love that it’s easy to clean up when they’re done!

Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones

If there’s one thing I struggle with, it’s keeping my house organized and that’s partly because there are so many toys in it! I try my best to get the boys to pitch in and help out, but anything I can do to make their participation more enthusiastic is a plus for me.

That’s exactly where Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones come in! These clever plush toys have stretchable stomachs that grow as kids feed them toys, clothes and accessories. Cleaning up and keeping toys organized has never been so much fun!

Fitbit Watches

Not just for adults anymore, a high-quality Fitbit Watch can be a great way to get your kids interested in their activity levels and overall health.

By syncing the watch to a Fitbit account, kids can earn badges, set fitness goals, and get move reminders each hour that help them stay active.

Wondering what Fitbit watch is the best choice for your child? Check out this article from superwatches on some of the top Fitbit watch options for kids.


showcase fashion and beauty gift ideas

no!no! Hair Pro

The no!no! is a product that I have wanted to try for ages. I’ve used a lot of different hair removal methods throughout my adulthood, but shaving doesn’t last long enough and both waxing and epilating are quite painful. The no!no! promises the perfect compromise: long-lasting hair removal that’s also pain-free thanks to Pulsing Thermicon Technology. Any device that provides the long-lasting results of waxing without the pain is a winning gift in my opinion!

Wen Hair Care

A revolution in hair care, Wen is a must for any woman that takes pride in her long, luscious locks. Keeping hair healthy, shiny and manageable is no easy task and hair products that strip strands of their natural oils can actually often be part of the problem. That’s why Wen is the first hair care line that doesn’t include shampoo. Instead, the natural non-lathering cleansing conditioner provides two-in-one cleansing and moisturizing for the healthiest hair ever. With my long hair, this is a product line I can’t wait to try!

Secret Extensions

For those with shorter or thinner hair, Secret Extensions provide an instant stylish solution. The secret is the special headband, which is adjustable to fit completely invisibly in hair without bumps or ridges. Adding instant length and volume to hair has never been so easy! I have to admit, even though my hair is already quite long and thick, I’d love to test these extensions one day just to see for myself how they work! And if you’re near a Showcase store, you can do just that at a FREE in-store demo!


showcase foodie gift ideas

NutriBullet Rx Series

The NutriBullet system is all the rage for its versatility and ease of use. And the new NutriBullet Rx is the most powerful version yet, with extraction technology that can turn fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes into delicious and healthy drinks! In fact, my very favourite breakfast is a smoothie made with my NutriBullet using nothing more than frozen fruit, protein powder, Greek yogurt and a tablespoon of flax. In the mood for something to warm you up on a cold day? The new heat cycle feature makes it easy to whip up a quick, healthy soup too!

Chop Magic

Any cook knows that some recipes require a lot of chopping and depending on the dish, that can take up a lot of time! The Chop Magic uses 12 blades in a grid pattern to dice, julienne and mince vegetables in just seconds. I especially love the way the dicing blade can be used to create uniform French fries from potatoes or sweet potatoes. And the innovative container keeps all the chopped vegetables together neatly too!


showcase athlete gift ideas

BeActive Brace

Designed to be helpful for both short term and chronic sciatic back pain, this pressure point brace helps relieve pain quickly and discreetly. Perfect for working or exercising, and easy to hide under clothing, it’s a gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone that deals with back pain. As there are a few members of my family that have back issues, I can’t imagine a more appreciated gift to give this Christmas.

Tommie Copper Compression Apparel

All Tommie Copper clothing is infused with activated copper, which releases ions and provides anti-microbial protection and skin benefits. Combined with compression, the clothing improves muscle and joint performance, helps provide relief from aches and pains, stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles and regulates body temperature. It’s the perfect gift for anyone that loves to work out and is constantly striving to improve.

All of these amazing gifts can be purchased at your nearest Showcase store or online at And no matter what hobbies and interests your loved ones have, you’ll have no problem finding a gift that suits them perfectly among all the hottest trendy products available from Showcase! With presents for every personality and budget, Christmas shopping has never been so easy!

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