Even Santa’s Christmas Runs Smoother with Help from Canadian Tire #CTSavesSanta

There’s no way around it, especially for a parent…holiday shopping can be stressful! Whether it’s finding the exclusive toy your child has been dreaming about for weeks or shopping for that one person on your list that has everything, Christmas can sometimes take its toll amidst all the fun!

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But for more than ninety years now, Canadian Tire has made it a mission to take the stress out of the holidays. And this year, the company even had the chance to help make Santa’s holidays less stressful! When a random sleigh malfunction threatened to ruin Christmas, the Canadian Tire store in Bowmanville was there to make sure that Santa got back in the air!

Canadian Tire has so many great products and services both for the holidays and for everyday life. In fact, after the Christmas bustle I’ll be heading to my local store for some automotive work as well. My spark plugs have needed to be changed for a while and even though changing them won’t save Christmas, it will make me feel more confident about being on the road in the winter!

Christmas is a time filled with decorating, entertaining and gift buying. Most families are on a tight timeline with a tight budget and that’s why Canadian Tire makes it a mission to provide the newest and most innovative products with great prices. And even when the holidays have ended, taking advantage of the superb value at Canadian Tire ensures that there’s a bigger budget for fun when next Christmas rolls around!

After a brief stop for repairs at Canadian Tire, Santa was on his way to bring joy to children all over the world and judging from my boys’ excitement when they opened their stockings, Santa certainly succeeded! Now luckily for me, even when the holidays are done, Canadian Tire will be there to help families with the friendly service and great products that have made the company a Canadian icon!

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14 thoughts on “Even Santa’s Christmas Runs Smoother with Help from Canadian Tire #CTSavesSanta”

  1. Because of the great deals, great selection and great staff, I do 75% of my holiday shopping at Canadian Tire and have for years.

  2. CT is where I pick up my household cleaning products.
    Sweet Video! thanks for sharing….only 338 days until Christmas! ;)

  3. I like Canadian Tire, but I have to travel out of town to go shopping because the store in our town never has anything, I’m surprised they are still opened, but I do enjoy the stores in the other towns much bigger and they always have items in stock!!

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