Warmest Wishes for a Winter-ific Season from Gravol and Rub A535!

Living in Saskatchewan, the best way to deal with our icy winter weather is to embrace it! That means instead of hiding indoors when the temperature drops, my boys and I are outside shoveling snow, making snow angels, sledding and hiking. But all that outdoor winter fun can be exhausting…and leave my muscles aching!

kids climbing a large pile of snow

Thankfully, I have plenty of Rub A535 Extra Strength in the house! Just a small amount of cream provides fast-acting relief as the soothing warmth relaxes my muscles and relieves the pain. I love that the cream is non-greasy and non-staining. And the minty smell even reminds me of Christmas! During the season of hauling heavy shopping bags, marathon show shoveling and stretching this way and that to retrieve hidden gifts, having Rub A535 in the house is a must!

But occasional muscle aches aren’t the only potential hurdle during the winter season. Colds and flus are often rampant and with holiday stress running high, the chances of getting sick are even more likely. More times than I can count, I’ve started to feel those mild chills and aching that signal a coming cold and thought, “Man, I just don’t have time for this!”

gravol and rub a535

That’s why I can’t wait to try new Gravol Multi-symptom at the first sign of a cold. I love that the non-drowsy product is naturally sourced from ginger and willow bark. And it’s the perfect treatment for indigestion, upset stomach, fever and mild aches and pains. When I need to feel better fast and get back to holiday happenings, this is a must in my medicine cabinet.

There’s no reason to let winter woes keep you indoors this Christmas. Just make sure you’re ready for the weather by stocking up on your favourite products from Rub A535 and Gravol. When the time comes to embrace the opportunities winter has to offer, you’ll be glad you did!

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54 thoughts on “Warmest Wishes for a Winter-ific Season from Gravol and Rub A535!”

  1. Gravol is a must in my home dizzy head from my MS and this really settles my stomach and the A535 sooths my aching muscles

  2. I’ve only ever used gravol when travelling – what a great idea for flu! And it’s been ages since we’ve had rub a535 – not since I was a kid at mom’s house!

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