Protect Your Snow Goggles from Damage and Loss with the StingRay

When I was in my teens, snowboarding had just become one of the trendiest winter sports in Canada and I wasn’t about to be left out of the fun. I bought a second-hand board from a friend, outfitted it with a good pair of boots and bindings, and hit the slopes. But I soon learned that, as with any sport, the basic equipment is just the start. A good helmet is a must, especially for a beginner, and a high-quality pair of winter goggles is so helpful as well.

stingray sport goggle stopper

Since having kids, I haven’t been snowboarding for a few years, but I still have my equipment downstairs and my boys are almost old enough to join me on the hills. That means I’ll soon be investing in a fair amount of gear and obviously, I want to keep that gear in good shape! That’s why I found the concept of the StingRay from StingRay Sport so intruiging.

The StingRay is a simple device that solves a very common problem for skiers and snowboarders. When goggles aren’t being used, it’s a habit among most to pull them up and rest them on the front of the helmet. The problem is that the elastic strap sometimes causes the goggles to slide backwards until they snap right off the helmet. The dreaded “goggle snap” is annoying at best, and sometimes even results in the goggles getting lost or damaged.

stingray on helmet

That’s where the StingRay comes in. This little rubber stopper attaches securely to any helmet to prevent goggles from riding up off the helmet, ending goggle snap once and for all. Simply peel off the adhesive backing, fit the StingRay onto the helmet and press down firmly to secure the device in place. Once it’s positioned, it’s designed to hold strong for years, even in temperatures as low as –40 degrees!

What I love about the StingRay is how easy it is to use and how successfully it solves the problem of goggles snapping off a helmet. Since a good pair of goggles can cost hundreds of dollars, it just makes sense to protect them and the StingRay does that with ease. I also appreciate the one-size-fits-all design that lets my boys benefit from the StingRay as well.

If you or your kids love hitting the slopes each winter and you’ve ever dealt with lost or damaged goggles as a result, the StingRay is a must for you. Get yours for just $14.95 at StingRay Sports or on and say goodbye to goggle snap forever!

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79 thoughts on “Protect Your Snow Goggles from Damage and Loss with the StingRay”

  1. This is such a good idea! If you want them to last a lot longer so you wont have to buy another pair this is a good way to keep them safe!

  2. I don’t ski, but I have seen many skier’s keep their goggles on top of their helmets, so this is a great invention to keep your goggles not lose them!!

  3. I love that the little rubber stopper attaches securely to any helmet to prevent goggles from riding up off the helmet.That’s awesome and saves a great deal of frustration and money.Thank you for this great information.

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