Help Kids Embrace New Experiences with Tips from Monster High Haunted

As much as most kids love getting older, growth also brings new experiences and new responsibilities. And while that’s a very exciting thing, it can also be pretty scary! Our family is preparing for a move to Ontario later in the year and while my boys are excited to live in a new place, they are a little worried about living somewhere new. My oldest son Zackary is especially worried after spending his entire life in the same town and making so many great friends.

The new Monster High Haunted DVD explores this concept as the ghouls travel to a parallel world and discover Haunted High, an all-ghost school shut off from the monster world. And while the movie is sure to be a hit with fans of the Monster High series, it also has some great tips for kids that are a little nervous about being in a new situation!

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In a new setting it can feel like there are so many others around you that it may be hard to find individuals who have common interests or hobbies. The best advice you can give your child is to be themselves and remain positive that they will naturally make connections with others. If they pretend to be someone or something that they’re not, they may find it difficult to be happy in their new surroundings!


The first couple of days in a new setting can be both scary and difficult. It’s best to let your child know that it takes time to transition and feel comfortable, but the feeling will come. Informing them that they need to be patient will help them to calm down and relax if they are left feeling overwhelmed in their first few days.


The best way to get to know others and your environment is to get involved. Encouraging your child to be as engaged as they can be will give them the opportunity to develop their skills and meet like-minded individuals. Talk to them about ways that they go above and beyond and get involved with new friends.

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While I know my boys will have challenges with moving, I’m sure that they’ll be able to conquer their worries and grow as individuals. My oldest son’s naturally friendly nature is something that will always ensure he has a strong circle of friends, and my youngest son’s natural independence will help him feel secure even in a new environment. And while change may be scary, it’s also essential for growth! If your little ones are facing changes in their lives, whether it’s travelling to a new place or just taking up a new activity, a little preparation can help a lot. Let your kids take a few tips from the characters of Monster High and enter that new situation with confidence!

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  1. Angela Mitchell

    My daughter is at that perfect age where she loves the song Party Like a Monster. She’s listened to it a dozen times today!

  2. Looks Gil-ty because I was always paranoid my boyfriend was going to leave me for a nother girl in high school. He didn’t. He married me instead. ;)

  3. Party Like a Monster because it was fun. We really liked the dancing and the music. My kids like to dance, sing and have fun.

  4. Party Like a Monster | Music Video | Monster High is lots of fun and my kids love to dance around and have fun!

  5. I like the message in The Agony of D’Feet which gives a positive message about accepting any flaws you have and liking yourself for who you are. I think we can all relate to wanting to change something about ourselves.

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