Breeze Through Spring Cleaning with these 10 Easy Cleaning Hacks

Spring cleaning is not something that I normally enjoy very much, but this year is definitely an exception to that! I’m preparing for a move to Ontario sometime after the summer and that means that not only do I need to do a lot of purging and packing, I also have to ensure that my house is looking its best for potential buyers that stop by!

Still, cleaning has never been one of my favourite things to do and so I’ve developed a few shortcuts for getting my house looking great in a flash. Sometimes a quick trick will help me save time on a cleaning job so that I can get more done!

10 Genius Spring Cleaning Hacks

  1. Grease stains on clothes can be stubborn, but pre-treating them with ordinary dish soap will get them out with ease!
  2. Dealing with a dirty ceiling fan? Put an old pillowcase around each blade to dust it off without spreading dust all over the room!
  3. Line crisper drawers in the refrigerator with newspaper to deodorize and absorb excess moisture!
  4. Baby oil makes the best chrome polish ever! Use it to keep those chrome fixtures sparkling clean.
  5. Tired of constantly scrubbing the stove? Apply a thin layer of car wax and then wipe off. You’ll be amazed how easy future spills are to clean!
  6. Bounce dryer sheets aren’t just for laundry! Used sheets are great for dusting and picking up pet hair around your house. Wet one to quickly scrub away soap scum in the bathroom too!
  7. Scratched wood furniture is no fun! Fix light scratches by rubbing with olive oil or a walnut. Heavy scratches can be hidden by rubbing with shoe polish in a similar shade.
  8. Stubborn stickers and glue residue comes off with ease when treated with oil! Simply dampen a cotton ball or paper towel with a little oil and wipe the residue away.
  9. Clean dishwasher stains and hard water build-up in a flash by using one package of Lemonade Kool-Aid as detergent and running an empty dishwasher through the hottest cycle.
  10. Have copper to clean? Dip a lemon wedge in coarse salt and wipe it over the copper for instant brightness!

In addition to timesaving tips, P&G products are a must in my household whether I’m just doing that quick weekend tidy or a full-fledged spring clean. With my house on the road to organization this year, I still needed a little extra help getting it as fresh and inviting as possible. One of my absolute must-have products is the Swiffer 360 Duster Extender kit. The living room in my house has high ceilings and since the house is older, cobwebs are common. But with a handle that extends up to three feet, dusting even the highest corners is no problem!

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This spring cleaning job may be the biggest one I’ve ever done, but it’s also going to be the most rewarding once my family’s belongings have been properly organized and prepared for our new adventure. And with some handy tips and my favourite P&G products, I should even be able to get through the process without ending up completely exhausted! Make sure you stock up on all your P&G favourites to help make spring cleaning quicker, easier and more effective this year!

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221 thoughts on “Breeze Through Spring Cleaning with these 10 Easy Cleaning Hacks”

  1. I suggest doing one room at a time . I space all the cleaning over several days so I do not get so frustrated.

  2. shawna szezendor

    my spring cleaning starts with closets and cupboards to make space for the changing seasons, putting away winter things and bringing out spring and summer items.

  3. I never thought of dishsoap fir grease stains. I’ll give it a try. I drive a truck so I get my share!

  4. My tip is to invest in microfiber cleaning cloths – they are so much better than paper towels and cheaper cloths because they do not leave any residue, fuzzies, lint etc behind. Thus they clean better, and the surfaces stay cleaner longer, so it cuts down cleaning effort and time.

  5. My tip is just to start early and get it done before the weather gets nice (or it may never get done…lol). I always start at the ceiling and work down.

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