Try These 5 Healthy Alternatives to Chocolate in Your Child’s Easter Basket

Even though I love a sweet treat as much as anyone, I can’t help but feel like kids get far too much chocolate and candy during most holidays. And with Easter quickly approaching, the store shelves filled with hollow chocolate bunnies and marshmallow-filled eggs already have me picturing just how much unhealthy food my boys will soon be consuming.

That’s why this year I decided to come up with some Easter basket alternatives to the standard chocolate treats. These five products will be among the goodies my boys find in their Easter baskets this year!

healthy easter basket alternatives


There’s nothing my boys love more than a good book and adding a picture book to their Easter basket doesn’t just help stimulate their minds, it encourages us to spend time together as I sit down to read to them! Franklin books are a favourite in our house; even my oldest still enjoys them!

Mini Figures

My boys absolutely love mini figures of all varieties and have a large collection of characters from some of their favourite movies and television shows. Since I know that they use these figures for creative play, I love giving the inexpensive toys as gifts. And watching my boys make up their own stories with the characters always puts a smile on my face!

Card Games

A simple card game is another Easter surprise that encourages family fun. I chose UNO because it’s the perfect game for my oldest son, but still one that my youngest can play with help from me. After Easter dinner, we’ll be able to play a few rounds together to relax after the busy day!

kids honibe honey gummies™ complete

These gummy vitamins from honibe® come in three tasty flavours that kids will love and also feature 50% less refined sugar than traditional children’s vitamins. I love that they feature the delicious natural sweetness of honey along with ten essential vitamins and minerals! And because they’re carefully formulated to be nutritionally complete, one a day is all my boys need for optimal health.


All kids love creating with Play-Doh and with so many fun Easter products available, it’s the perfect inexpensive choice for a child’s basket. I love the Play-Doh stampers featuring Easter-themed moulds, and the Play-Doh eggs are perfect for a large Easter Egg hunt!

Even though my boys will still get some chocolate this year, I feel better knowing that they are also getting some treats that will help develop their intelligence and creativity as well as products that will encourage healthy habits! When vitamins are as delicious as kids honibe honey gummies™ complete, my boys are only too willing to take one every day. Pick up some honibe® products and other sugar-free treats for your child’s Easter basket this year for a naturally sweet holiday you’ll both enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “Try These 5 Healthy Alternatives to Chocolate in Your Child’s Easter Basket”

  1. Great ideas! I used to end up making fondue as my kids got so much chocolate, which was always delicious. But this is a much better plan!

  2. Great suggestions, Kat. Books are always a good gift and Play-Doh unleashes a child’s creativity in amazing ways. Thanks for this post!

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