Barbara’s Snackimals Cereal is a Great Start to a Kid’s Day

My boys are big fans of breakfast cereal and I’m always excited when I find a new variety that’s fun for them but still has ingredients I like. So I was pretty excited when I learned that Barbara’s, the maker of delicious organic crackers and cookies, had recently branched out and started offering two tasty varieties of children’s organic breakfast cereal!

We received a review package of the new Barbara’s Snackimals cereal to test out for ourselves along with two adorable plush toys for my boys. My animal-loving youngest son had a hard time deciding which one he wanted but eventually decided that the panda would be his new friend and that he would try the “panda cereal,” Snackimals Cinnamon Crunch, for breakfast the next day.

barbara's snackimals cereal

These bite-sized animal-shaped morsels have a great crunch and a flavour that both of my boys adored after the first bite. The cinnamon flavour was what really sold my boys on the new Snackimals cereal and while they enjoyed the Snackimals Vanilla Blast cereal as well, the Cinnamon Crunch was definitely a crowd favourite. In fact, my youngest son enjoys it so much that he’ll often eat a small dish as a snack…with his stuffed panda right beside him!

Personally, I like the fact that the cereals contain eight grams of whole grains and just seven grams of sugar per serving. Both varieties are a great choice for giving my boys an energetic start to the day. And as an added bonus, right now kids can sign up for a free Earth Rangers membership with the purchase of Snackimals cereal.

Barbara’s Snackimals cereal has been a welcome addition to our breakfast routine and it’s a cereal I’ll certainly be buying again. In fact, Snackimals were such a hit in our household that I’m going to be checking out some of the adult cereals the company offers as well! Whether your kids love the sweetness of vanilla or the spiciness of cinnamon, Barbara’s Snackimals cereal are sure to put a smile on their faces at breakfast!

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