Get the Cleanest Clothes Possible in Your High Efficiency Washing Machine with New Tide HE Turbo-Giveaway #PGMom

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About a year ago, I received my very first high efficiency washing machine and dryer. And as soon as I washed that first load of clothes, I was a convert. The machine gave my clothes such a thorough clean and when my heat and water bills arrived at the end of the month, I saw just how much money the machines saved as well!

But for the best clean with high efficiency machines, HE laundry detergent is a must. Since visiting the P&G Fabric Care Facility, I only ever use Tide on my clothing, and luckily for me, my usual variety is suitable for both regular and high efficiency machines. Still, I’m always looking for ways to get my laundry even cleaner, and that’s why I couldn’t wait to try new Tide HE Turbo. This line of Tide products is designed to provide the best clean possible in a high efficiency machine.

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I received the new Tide Coldwater Clean HE Turbo laundry detergent to test out and since I was just getting ready to wash and store our winter clothes, the timing couldn’t have been better. My boys managed to get their mittens, toques and ski pants pretty muddy in the last days of melting snow, so I wanted to be sure everything was as clean as possible before I packed it away.

The detergent worked great and the clothes were spotless when I pulled them out of the washer. While Tide HE Turbo can actually be used in any washing machines, it has been specially formulated to provide six times the cleaning power in half the time compared to regular detergent used in an HE washer, and the results I got washing the muddy winter gear certainly lived up to that claim.

If you’d like to test out the new Tide HE Turbo laundry detergent, you’re in luck! P&G is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a bottle of Tide HE Turbo laundry detergent and a $50 Walmart gift card for a fun new spring outfit, a $62 total value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about whether you currently have a high efficiency washing machine.

My boys can be pretty messy at times, so it’s important to me to have the best products on hand for keeping their clothes looking clean and new. And with my high efficiency washer and dryer plus new Tide HE Turbo laundry detergent, clean clothes are no trouble at all! Find the new detergent at Walmart stores across Canada and get the most out of your high efficiency washing machine!

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  1. I do! Love ’em. Wish I had a proper laundry room, but the new washer and dryer is really all I need. I’d suggest to anyone who has one to research how much detergent to use. You might be surprised to learn you are using too much.

  2. Heck no! Is it considered high efficiency if it’s 25 years old? haha I don’t think so! I would love a new washer.. I can’t even believe mine still runs to be honest!

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