Try These 3 Simple Solutions To Help Kids Manage Seasonal Allergies

Every year since I was in my early teens, I’ve had mild seasonal allergy issues. But though I refer to my allergies as mild, the truth is that I only use that term because my symptoms are fairly infrequent.

I may just have three or four really bad instances of sneezing, stuffiness and itchy eyes in a year but when those moments occur, I’m one unhappy woman.

3 solutions for treating kids' seasonal allergies

Knowing how frustrating seasonal allergies can be, I was pretty sad when my oldest son developed the same symptoms. But what makes me feel even worse about my son’s battle with seasonal allergies is that there really aren’t a whole lot of treatment options for children.

I always like to choose natural allergy relief methods when possible, and so I developed some strategies to help alleviate my son’s symptoms. These are the three methods that I’ve found most helpful:

Improve Air Quality

While there’s not much I can do about potential allergens in the air when my son is outside, taking steps to ensure the air quality in our house is as good as possible has been very helpful at preventing allergy issues for both of us.

Changing the air filter in the furnace as soon as allergy season arrives ensures that I’m not circulating dust and allergens in the house. And an air purifier in the living room helps remove any other potential irritants. It’s an easy way to ensure that my son has as few outbreaks as possible.

kandoo boogie mist

Spray Away Allergens

Saline spray is one of the most gentle and effective ways to treat seasonal allergies. The spray flushes out allergens in the nasal passageways to relieve and prevent symptoms.

But some children do find saline sprays unpleasant, which is why new Kandoo Boogie Mist is a must for me. This kid-friendly saline spray comes in sweet-smelling Grape or Fresh scents and is so gentle that it can even be used for infants.

It’s been great for relieving Zackary’s symptoms and I have to admit that I’ve even started using it as well! I love that I can treat my allergy symptoms without having to worry about side effects from medication when I have a busy day planned!

Rinse Off

Not only does the steam from a shower help to relieve congestion, washing off is also helpful at removing allergens from the body so that they don’t spread around the house.

Zackary has just recently started taking showers and so if I notice he’s a little stuffy right before bed, I get him to hop in a quick shower and wash up with Kandoo Clean Your Body Moisturizing Body Wash and Scrub Your Hair 2-in-1 Shampoo.

The shower helps his stuffiness and ensures there are no allergens being spread onto his bed making the problem worse. And the fun foam, bright colours and fruit scent of the Kandoo products make showering so much fun that Zackary’s always happy to comply!

kandoo body wash and shampoo

There are plenty of other home remedies for treating allergies, though many of them aren’t backed by any scientific data. Since giving my son spicy food (which he loves) or local honey certainly isn’t going to make his allergies worse, I sometimes incorporate those home remedies into our lifestyle as well.

But for proven allergy relief and prevention, these three methods are the ones that I use again and again. If you have a child that suffers from seasonal allergies, give these solutions a try and see what a difference these simple things can make!

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62 thoughts on “Try These 3 Simple Solutions To Help Kids Manage Seasonal Allergies”

  1. i will definitely keep those products in mind! so far we don;t have any issues with allergies but you never know when/if that will change (still really young )

  2. My son suddenly has a flare up of allergies out of the blue, I always forget to change my furnace filter! I will be changing it soon

  3. As a frequent allergy sufferer and someone who tries to avoid medications – I swear by a Neti pot. Very similar to what you recommend with the Boogie Spray (and how fun is that to say? hah) .

    1. I’ve heard great things about the Neti pot too, Soozle! Definitely a very similar concept, though I am totally a sucker for the grape scent of that Boogie Mist. ;) Who says it’s just for kids?

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