Encourage Play and Learning with the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm-Giveaway #PlayAdvocates

I’ve often commented on how much I love the Fisher-Price line of toys, not just because they’re designed to provide educational fun for children but also because they are so timeless. My very first toy ever, bought when my mom was eight months pregnant with me, was a Fisher-Price Happy Apple and that jingling plaything went on to provide entertainment to all five of my mom’s children and then later to my own son.

fisher price little people animal friends farm

The Happy Apple is my personal favourite timeless toy just for its sentimental value but the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm, first released in 1978, is no less iconic. And while the look of the farm may have changed over the years, its ability to stimulate imaginative play and encourage parent/child interaction hasn’t changed a bit! My boys both loved their Little People Animal Friends Farm and I have fond memories of watching them create stories with the animals and of sitting down on the floor and playing with them!

While I love the farm theme of this toy, there are plenty of other popular Fisher-Price Little People play sets too and no matter which one is your child’s favourite, you can get it at a great price this month thanks to the Little People World of Savings promotion! Just head to Walmart or Toys’R’Us to find coupons for $5 off Little People Farm & Home products, $10 off any purchase of $55 or more, and $15 off any purchase of $75 or more!

boy playing with fisher-price farm

To celebrate the joy of learning that Little People has provided for generations, Fisher-Price has arranged a fabulous giveaway! Two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers are going to win their very own Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm, a $40 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about whether you or your child has a favourite Fisher-Price toy.

Even though my boys are getting older, my animal-loving youngest son still refuses to part with his Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm. The stories he invents with the characters may have increased in complexity from his toddler days but the fun he has playing with the farmhouse hasn’t diminished at all. That’s why Fisher-Price toys will always be a must in my house. And even when my boys are fully grown and have families of their own, I know my grandchildren will get the same timeless enjoyment out of this classic toy from Fisher-Price!

Fisher-Price Little People giveaway

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119 thoughts on “Encourage Play and Learning with the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm-Giveaway #PlayAdvocates”

  1. We had so many FP toys as kids. I remember the oldschool little people. My grandparents still have some of them kicking around!

  2. Yep, my daughter got the Fisher Price Little Peoples playground for her first birthday in February! She loves making the little people go down the slide :)

  3. Mine was the schoolhouse and the bus when I was little and my girls had the little people house and many many little people, such a great product that will never get old!!

  4. growing up Fisher-Price were most of the toys we had. still have them same ones today. the tumble tower. awesome toy. now the nieces and nephews/grandkids are playing with it. doesn’t take long for old people to give it a go too.

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