Let Kids Interact and Play with Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Birds

I’ve mentioned before how much my youngest son loves animals, and I know he’s not the only one. There’s something about the idea of interacting with a living creature of another species that kids seem to find absolutely fascinating. Of course, not every parent is willing to put up with the work of having a pet. Even my boys’ goldfish are a bit of a pain to care for at times!

Luckily, there are toys that are so interactive that playing with one is almost like having a real pet and Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Birds are a perfect example! These adorable birds not only chirp and sing when you pet them, they actually record and repeat your child’s speech just like a parrot!

little live pets owl and baby

The line includes a variety of birds including a new Owl and Baby that are perfect for imaginative play. In addition to recording and repeating your child’s words, each bird makes a total of 30 different sounds! And their soft bodies and small size allow them to fit comfortably right in a child’s hand.

I especially liked the way the Owl and Baby birds interact with one another for extra entertainment. The mother owl feeds her baby and the two birds even sing together. Any animal-loving child is sure to have a blast playing with these adorable and realistic toys!

little live pets tweet talking bird with cage

These birds are great inexpensive toys, and kids will love being able to choose from different colours and breeds of birds. There are even some available with cages for easy transport and added realism! Find them at toy stores across Canada and let your child experience a pet that’s almost real!

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95 thoughts on “Let Kids Interact and Play with Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Birds”

  1. Vanessa Ethridge

    I would love this for my son, he’s been asking for a pet so it would kind of be like getting him one!

  2. wendy nicholls

    oh my gosh my granddaughter would LOVE this little guy :) She always feeds the birds at my house .

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