Experience the Ultimate in Luxurious Family Driving in the Brand New 2015 Lincoln MKC

Living in a small town, I tend to do a fair bit of driving in a typical week. From extra-curricular activities to the big weekly grocery-shopping trip to dropping my boys off with their dad on the weekend, running around in the car is just a fact of life. Recently Ford Canada gave me the chance to add some luxury to my daily driving in the first ever 2015 Lincoln MKC and I have to say that this car was love at first drive for me!

This crossover between an SUV and a luxury sedan is absolutely the top of the line when it comes to safe and luxurious driving. From the mirrors and seat, which automatically adjust to perfect driving position when the car starts, to the Blind Spot Information System that lets me know when I can safely change lanes, this car comes as close to driving itself as any vehicle I’ve ever experienced.

2015 lincoln mkc exterior

I have to admit that it actually took me awhile to realize how some of the new features worked when I was behind the wheel. After driving on the highway and setting the cruise control, I was more than a little confused when the car suddenly started slowing down on its own. Thinking the cruise control had just accidentally switched off, I moved into the passing lane to get around the car in front of me, stepped on the gas and then reset the cruise.

When the same thing happened again, I realized that the car was actually sensing vehicles in front of me and slowing down to avoid a potential collision, a feature Lincoln calls Adaptive Cruise Control. As soon as I signalled and changed lanes, the car resumed its previous speed. But that’s just the beginning of the safety features in the MKC!

lincoln steering wheel

I also realized when cruising around some of the twisting, turning Saskatchewan roads that the car would occasionally correct my steering to keep me centred in my lane. The car literally reads the lines on the side of the road to ensure proper position and if I start to drift to the side a little, corrects my position automatically. It’s a weird feeling at first having the wheel move on its own that way, but once I got used to the Lane-Keeping System, I loved it.

With two kids and lots of gear to move around, I also appreciated the roomy back seat, which had more than enough room for my boys to stretch out comfortably, and the spacious hatch with a hands-free power liftgate that held all the groceries from one of my big shopping trips. The MKC made running errands so easy that I was actually anxious to get started on my chores each day!

lincoln mkc  back seat

With a starting price of just under $39,000, this crossover is on the pricier side, but when it comes to a high-quality family vehicle, it’s one that’s sure to please. From the luxurious leather interior and Approach Detection that lights up and unlocks the vehicle after sensing the key to the 2.3L EcoBoost Powertrain Engine and Lincoln Drive Control sensor-adjusted suspension, the MKC is comfortable, versatile and so much fun to drive. Visit your local Lincoln Canada dealer and take one for a spin yourself!

mommy kat and kids RP

13 thoughts on “Experience the Ultimate in Luxurious Family Driving in the Brand New 2015 Lincoln MKC”

  1. What a gorgeous looking car! We are looking to upgrade but we need more seating for our growing family :)

  2. nicolthepickle

    What a nice looking vehicle. I think the steering by itself would freak me out.
    Does it come with four wheel drive?

  3. What a fabulous and amazing car.It looks so luxurious and I love the idea of the adaptive cruise control.That’s such a good safety feature.I hope to see all vehicles like this someday so that there are less accidents everywhere.

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