Celebrate Canada’s Unique Beauty with New AirWick Canadian Park Series Fragrances

I’ve lived in a small town in the Saskatchewan prairies for my entire life and no matter where the future takes me, I’m sure that the lush Qu’Appelle Valley and the endless farmland fields will always feel like home. But while I may have always lived in the same small town (and even in the same house), I’ve had the opportunity to see so much more of Canada over the years. I’ll always be a Saskatchewan woman at heart, but being Canadian means so much more to me.

In fact, since I was a child, I’ve loved the mountains and forests of British Columbia almost as much as I love the fields of Saskatchewan. My mother was raised in B.C. and most of her family still calls the province home. As a youngster, road trips to visit my aunts, uncles and cousins were a must every summer. And while connecting with family was fabulous, the landscape was just as wonderful to me. On every trip we used to spend at least a few days camping on the private family beach. Waking up to go for a swim in the crystal clear lake and then wandering the forest picking wild blackberries is one of my fondest memories.

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As I grew older, I had the chance to see a different side of Canada as well: the urban side! Saskatchewan is very much a rural province and I remember how shocked I was to learn that the population of the city of Toronto was 2.5 times bigger than my entire home province! While the number of people in the city overwhelmed me at first, I soon fell in love with the art and culture of the city. The diversity of Toronto is like a living testament to the diversity of Canada itself!

In the course of our busy lives, it can be easy to forget just how beautiful and special Canada truly is, and this summer Air Wick® is helping Canadians to celebrate the unique beauty that is our country with three limited edition Canadian Parks series fragrances! Available in Jasper, Banff and Cape Breton Highlands scents, these new aromas can be purchased in both Freshmatic® Automatic Spray and Scented Oil Electrical Plugins. Personally, I love the Banff variety. Featuring scents of mountain rain and wild strawberries, it instantly transports me back to summer in the mountains as I relax in my own living room.

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No matter what being Canadian means to you, taking a few minutes to reflect on the love we have for our country and the different ways in which we embrace being Canadian is something we should all try to do. After all, we’re pretty lucky to be able to call Canada our home! Whether your Canada is a bustling metropolis, the rocky shores of the East Coast, endless fields of wheat or evergreen-filled forests, every beautiful landscape is a part of what makes our country the greatest one in the world!

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Experience the rare essence of nature in your very own home with the Limited Edition Air Wick® Canadian Parks Series™. Try It FREE today at http://www.airwick.ca/media/2025/aw-nature-webcoupon-form_jn9-e.pdf

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  1. I can’t travel to all of Canada’s great parks, but I can imagine myself there with these scents! Can’t wait to try them out!

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