Enjoy Pretty and Eco-Friendly Nails with SOPHi by Piggy Paint Nail Polish

A few years ago, I discovered Piggy Paint, a non-toxic and eco-friendly children’s nail polish. I had a blast testing out the colours with my nieces and appreciated the fact that they weren’t being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. In fact, I couldn’t help but wish there was an adult version of the polish that was as gentle as Piggy Paint!

Now my wish has come true with the release of SOPHi by Piggy Paint eco-friendly nail polish! This polish boasts a formula that is non-toxic, odourless and natural, just like Piggy Paint. But with great durability and grown-up colours, it’s designed with adults in mind! I received some of the new SOPHi polish to review and I couldn’t wait to test it out.

sophi pink polish on toes

I received the SOPHi PRIME + SHINE + SEAL system, Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover Gel to review. I loved the fact that this line not only includes the polish but also a natural nail polish remover. My nails tend to break fairly easily and ordinary nail polish remover seems to dry them out and make them even more fragile. The SOPHi formula worked great without being overly harsh.

The PRIME + SHINE + SEAL system, consisting of a Primer+Sealer and a Shine Topcoat, are a good way to ensure this polish has the desired durability and are definitely something I’d recommend as a must for long-lasting results. The polish durability increases when heated as well, so after applying the primer, polish and topcoat, I just give my nails a quick blast with my hair dryer for polish that lasts for days.

sophi prize pack

I always love being able to trade a beauty product I love for a more eco-friendly version, and SOPHi by Piggy Paint polish is a great way to do that this summer. Check out the full collection online and get ready to show off your nails!

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