Don’t Let Problems in the Bedroom Ruin Your Relationship! Take the RANA Snore Score Quiz! #ad

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Anyone that’s ever lived with a person that snores knows just how frustrating it can be. After a long day, there’s nothing more blissful than crawling into a cozy bed and getting ready for a good night’s sleep. And when that sleep is disturbed by another person’s snoring, gasping and thrashing, it’s hard to not feel stressed and annoyed.

Often, though, the snoring is caused by a condition known as Sleep Apnea. And while being kept awake by a restless partner is frustrating, Sleep Apnea itself can be downright dangerous. Left untreated, it can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, depression and heart problems. Add in the exhaustion that Sleep Apnea can cause for both the sufferer and their partner and it’s clear that Sleep Apnea isn’t something that should be ignored!

Of course, in addition to the health dangers of Sleep Apnea, the condition also often causes relationship problems. After all, every couple knows that trouble in the bedroom can lead to trouble in other aspects of a relationship as well! Many couples are forced to sleep in separate rooms just to get a proper night’s sleep and an overwhelming 75% of the people diagnosed with Sleep Apnea were pushed to find a solution to their problem by their exhausted partners.

RANA, one of Canada’s leading respiratory care companies, is passionate about helping people suffering from Sleep Apnea by providing products and services to treat the condition. Whether you think that you may suffer from Sleep Apnea yourself or you’re looking for a solution for your significant other’s restless sleeping, you’ll find useful information and expert advice on the company’s website. There’s even a Sleep Apnea quiz that you can take to help determine if you or your partner has the condition.

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I was shocked to learn that 76% of people that snore have Obstructed Sleep Apnea and that up to 90% of Sleep Apnea sufferers are undiagnosed. Having slept around people that snore before, I know firsthand how much it interferes with a proper night’s sleep so I can’t imagine leaving the condition untreated! But perhaps the scariest fact about Sleep Apnea is that the life expectancy for untreated OSA is estimated at 58 years, a full twenty years lower than average.

Considering how many problems Sleep Apnea can cause when left untreated, both to a person’s health and to their relationship, seeking treatment just makes sense! Check out the RANA website, take the quiz and see if you or your partner might benefit from a sleep study and treatment. Finding a solution to the snoring is sure to help everyone in your household sleep easy, in more ways than one!

30 thoughts on “Don’t Let Problems in the Bedroom Ruin Your Relationship! Take the RANA Snore Score Quiz! #ad”

  1. Wow my husband snores sometimes but we know his is related to his gerd, didn’t realize sleep apnea affected that many people

  2. we both snore in my home , i can’t sleep with a sleep aid , but trust me when i get to sleep hubby says the snoring is awful lol

  3. kristen visser

    thankfully my hubby only snores when he has drank to much which doesnt happen very often anymore and i only snore when pregnant

  4. Truthfully I am the one who does the snoring, and according to my family I am very loud that they can hear me downstairs, but I have no problems with sleeping, I don’t wake up coughing or anything, but I do have to lose a lot of weight, that might help

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