Make Perfect Coffee Every Time with the Breville the Grind Control Coffee Machine

It’s no secret that I absolutely love coffee.

In fact, I went from very much disliking the smell and taste of the popular beverage as a child to being an adult coffee connoisseur with a love of freshly ground, perfectly roasted beans brewed to perfection.

And while I can get the results I crave at home, the process is time consuming and can sometimes make a mess.

That’s where the new Breville the Grind Control Coffee Machine comes in, and it is any true coffee lover’s dream come true! With a built-in grinder and a plethora of customizable settings, making the perfect cup of coffee has never been so easy!

I recently received the machine to review and I had it out of the box and on the counter within minutes.

breville grind control coffee machine

I fully believe that better beans make better coffee, so I chose a fair trade, organic Kicking Horse blend for the machine.

The grinder compartment on top of the machine holds a full pound of coffee beans without compressing the beans too much and I loved the convenience of not having to load a grinder every time I wanted to make coffee.

The grinder let me choose how finely the coffee was ground as well, so I could get a smooth, dark espresso brew with no trouble at all.

But the customization doesn’t stop there! After filling the water reservoir, I also set the size of the coffee cups in ounces, the number of cups I wanted to brew and the strength of coffee I desired.

I found an eight-ounce cup made me the perfect cup of coffee and since I do like a strong cup, I set the strength at level seven. Then I just pressed a button to start the machine and waited.

breville display grind control

After the beans had been ground to my desired preference and dropped into the reusable coffee filter included with the machine, the coffee brewed to my preference.

The machine gave three quick beeps when the brewing cycle was complete and I eagerly poured my first cup. Needless to say, it was absolutely fantastic!

What I love most about this machine is that because it’s so customizable, I can make different types of beverages easily as well as making coffee that suits the tastes of any guests.

While I love a strong cup of coffee, my father prefers a milder brew, so with a quick turn of the knob on the grinder and a decrease in the brewing strength, I can make a pot of coffee that he’ll enjoy.

I can also change the settings to use pre-ground coffee instead of grinding it fresh, though I can’t imagine I’ll be doing that very often!

breville grind control machine

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur like me or you just want to ensure that the coffee you make suits everyone in your household, you’re sure to love the Breville the Grind Control coffee maker.

Check it out for yourself and take your coffee to the next level with a machine that makes brewing a perfect cup every time quick, easy and fun!

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  1. My perfect cup of coffee is a dark roast with 2 sugars (no milk or cream) and it has to be piping hot.

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