Throw an Avengers-Themed Birthday Party with Help from Birthday Express

My youngest son Benjamin has always been a little more shy than his outgoing older brother. And with some upheaval at the beginning of the school year, including a sudden switch to a new class in early October, he really didn’t have a list of friends to invite to a party when his birthday arrived on October 5. As a result, he missed out on having a friend-attended birthday party, though we did have a family celebration at home.

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But since he hadn’t been able to have the fun of playing party games and eating cake with his classmates, I told Benjamin that I would throw him an end-of-school belated birthday party so that he could still invite his friends over for some fun and games. And with the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie recently released in theatres, we decided to give the party a Marvel Avengers theme.

Luckily for me, doing that was easy thanks to supplies from Birthday Express! The company very generously sent me a Captain American costume and an Avengers Assemble Value Party Pack so that I could host the party in style! With the party gear ready to go, I got started planning the food and games for my son’s party.

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Since the children were all between five and six years old, I knew that they would spend a fair bit of time in their own, unorganized play in the back yard. Of course, doing “superhero jumps” on the trampoline was a must, and kept all the boys entertained for quite some time. The kids also did their best leaps over the sprinkler and were rewarded with a string of beads that I dubbed a “necklace of power.”

The party ran from 1pm to 3pm, so the food was quite simple. Chips, soda and an ice cream cake provided kid-friendly treats that was quick and easy to prepare and serve. The plates and cups made the food seem extra special even though it was fairly standard party fare. And with red and blue balloons waving in the breeze and treat bags filled with Marvel-themed goodies, the kids all went home with big smiles on their faces!

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My son was so pleased with his party and thanks to Birthday Express, it had been easy and fun to put together. I got the chance to make up for Benjamin’s missed party, but hadn’t had to spend days planning and preparing to do so. If you have a party to throw this summer, check out the full selection of gear and goodies for yourself. You’re sure to be impressed with the great selection and amazing prices that help to make any party a hit!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your superhero!! I love that costume so adorable!! sounds like everyone had a great time!!

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