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One of my favourite things about becoming a mother was discovering all the fun new products available for me and my baby that could help make my life easier. From baby slings to nursing pillows, it seemed that as soon as I had discovered an inconvenience of motherhood, I also discovered that somebody had created a product to solve my problem.

But finding the best place to buy those innovative products was sometimes a challenge. That’s why I love the incredible selection of must-haves offered by Mothers Lounge LLC.

This mom-owned company runs a variety of online boutiques offering the very best and most useful products for mothers and their new babies. Recently I had the chance to check out a few of the products myself and I fell in love as soon as my items arrived.

I chose a few pairs of baby leggings from Baby Leggings and an innovative sling carrier set from Seven Slings to see what the quality and style of the items was like. As soon as I pulled out the first pair of leggings and felt how soft and stretchy they were, I was wishing Mothers Lounge had been around when my boys were babies!

seven slings baby sling

The variety of colours and patterns available for both boys and girls is absolutely fantastic, and I loved the idea of having a little one dressed up in Canadian Maple Leaf or rainbow-striped leggings. Plus, baby leggings make life so much easier for a busy mom because she can keep her little on in a onesie for easy diaper changes without having to worry about her baby getting cold.

But as much as I liked the bright and useful leggings, it was the Seven Sling that really won my heart. I had a variety of baby carriers when my boys were little and all of them had some aspect I didn’t enjoy. The slings took so long to wrap around my body and tie, while the carriers had complicated straps and buckles to adjust.

This simple sling is one loop of stretchy fabric that fits easily around the shoulder and hip to hold a baby securely in place. The slings are available in nine different sizes to fit the mother’s body and one sling works for a baby from newborn (8 lbs) to toddler (35 lbs)! leggings

If you’d like to check out some of the amazing baby products available from Mothers Lounge, you’re in luck! The company is offering a very special coupon code that you can use to get free products on any or all of its sites! Just pay shipping and handling on your order. The coupon code CATGEM77 will let you choose the following from any of the sites below:

Having seen some of these products for myself, I can attest to how useful and stylish they are. And when you can try your favourites absolutely free, it just makes sense to give the products a try and see what you think! You’ll love how this fun and stylish baby gear makes motherhood so much easier!

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  1. I’ve never had a sling that I liked either, but what I’m most interested in are the leggings. Off to check it out and thank you.

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