Clear Out Clutter for a Cause During the Glad #Donate4Good Program with Goodwill

I didn’t realize until we started packing up to move out of our house just how much unneeded items my boys and I had accumulated. From toys to clothes to dishware, I found so much that just wasn’t being used anymore and so wasn’t needed. But I knew that some of our items might be able to help those in need, so I started packing up bags and boxes to donate.

glad donate4good garbage bags

It’s sometimes hard to realize just how much we collect over the years, so clearing out the clutter periodically is important. And when the items we no longer love can make others happy, it just makes sense to purge the house periodically! That’s why I’m so excited about the Donate4Good partnership between Glad and Goodwill taking place right now in the GTA.

It all starts with a donation of 10,000 Glad bags to help people collect their unneeded items. Then, starting in mid-August, Glad will be stationed at five select Loblaws stores across Toronto to collect donations. For every Glad bag returned with clothing and gently used items, Glad will donate $1.50 to Goodwill. Donating unneeded clothes and household items can have even more impact thanks to Glad!

  • Loblaws Yonge Street – August 14, 4pm-8pm and August 15, 10am-2pm
  • Loblaws Leslie Street – August 28, 4pm-8pm and August 29, 10am-2pm
  • Loblaws Musgrave Street – September 18, 4pm-8pm and September 19, 10am-2pm
  • Loblaws Dundas Street W – October 2, 4pm-8pm and October 3, 10am-2pm
  • Loblaws McLaughlin – October 23, 4pm-8pm and October 24, 10am-2pm

While we don’t have a Goodwill location in Saskatchewan, we do have a lot of worthy local charities, and the Glad bags I received made packing up my items for donation so much easier. Plus, with all that extra room in the closet when I was done, I was able to treat myself to a cute new pair of summer walking shoes! The hardest part of the purging experience for me, though, was deciding what books to give away. I had a huge collection and probably donated over half of my library. Learning that, according to Goodwill, two boxes of donated booked equals two hours of on-the-job training made me feel a lot better about giving them away!

books to give away

The Donate4Good program kicks off at the Yonge Street Loblaws on August 14, 2015, so start going through your house for items to donate! The top ten most wanted items include clothes, kitchen items, outerwear, linens, towels, toys and household decor, so no matter what type of donation you have to make, it’s sure to be appreciated. Check the dates and locations to see which store is nearest you and then clear out your closet for a great cause this fall!

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23 thoughts on “Clear Out Clutter for a Cause During the Glad #Donate4Good Program with Goodwill”

  1. What a great program! It’s too bad this is only in TO and not across Canada – I would definitely send some donations that way instead of my usual Salvation Army run!

  2. I love donating items to my local Womens shelter,I always say you never know when you yourself may need help.

  3. I think it’s a great idea to donate unwanted household items that are no longer useful but instead of donating to Goodwill we take our items to a local non-profit that helps women & Mothers who are trying to leave abusive relationships & get on their feet. It feels good to help people in need and it’s a definite bonus to have less clutter!

  4. I live in Edmonton and they have people come every 2 months to pick up bags full of your stuff for a similar cause, like it because at least people that need it get your things!

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