Get Your Child Ready for #StudentLife with Great New Products from Canadian Tire

One of my favourite memories from my young adult years was relaxing in a dorm room with my best friend Sarah as we chatted, watched movies and cooked up yummy treats. It was a completely new experience to me, since I’d always lived in a house with a yard before. But great décor and some convenient cooking items helped give the area personality, and I absolutely loved spending time in the small space.

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I have a few years to go before I have to start thinking about outfitting my own kids for campus. But when that day comes I’m sure that they’ll be even more comfortable than I once was, thanks to the amazing campus products available at Canadian Tire. From the bedroom to the living room and studying to cooking, life away from home has never felt more like being at home!

Personally, the multi-functional pieces are what I love most about Canadian Tire’s back-to-campus collection. From a storage ottoman in the living room that provides both extra seating and extra storage space when needed to a Magic Bullet in the kitchen, perfect for dips, smoothies, soup and more, multi-tasting isn’t just for students with these hot finds for dorm rooms!

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If you have a great multi-tasking tip for students heading off to college, make sure that you share it with @CanadianTire using the hashtag #StudentLife on either Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Your amazing advice could win you the daily prize of a $100 Canadian Tire gift card or a $1000 Canadian Tire gift card grand prize! But you only have until September 4, 2015 to enter, so make sure to get those tips posted!

Whether your child is leaving for college for the first time, looking for a few new accessories to dress up the dorm room or even just creating the perfect study space right at home, Canadian Tire has the perfect furniture and accessories at an amazing price. Check out the full selection of products and find the ones that your kids can’t live without!

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