Get Ready To Pack Lunches Kids Will Love with Nude Food Movers (formerly Boomerang)

The new school year is creeping up faster than I would like, but I have to admit that there’s one part of the back-to-school season I absolutely love…shopping for new school gear! And lunch gear has always been a personal favourite of mine. Gone are the days of squished sandwiches in plastic bags and paper lunch sacks thrown into the trash. Now there are tons of fun, kid-friendly lunch containers that help ensure eco-friendly and delicious lunches!

boomerang food movers packed lunch

Nude Food Movers (formerly Boomerang Food Movers) is one of the newest Canadian providers of litterless lunch supplies, and recently I had the chance to review the company’s products for myself. I received a plethora of products including Litterless Snack Tubes, Sandwich Wraps and Meal Boxes. The bright colours and convenient sizes had me actually wishing I were packing school lunches already!

Of course, I had to put the containers to the test and I found plenty to love with the very first use. One of the first thing I noticed was that while the containers were leak-proof and sealed tight when closed, they were still easy to open. Since my youngest sometimes has trouble with container lids, I appreciated that the company had realized the need for containers that didn’t require a struggle to open.

boomerang mini litterless lunch box

I also loved the perfect sizes of the containers. The Mini Litterless Lunch Box fit a sandwich and two snacks perfectly, with a divider in the sandwich section so that I could pack either a single or a double sandwich and still keep it assembled. By adding a Snack Box for a morning snack, I had the ideal amount of food for my child’s day. Or, by using a regular sized Litterless Lunch Box instead, I ccould pack the morning snack and the lunch together in one convenient container!

The line also includes reusable water bottles, sandwich wraps, sandwich containers and much more, all perfect for both kids and adults. In fact, my significant other has one of the clever Cutlery Mover sets in his work bag at all times. Being a train conductor means eating on the road a lot, and every once in a while Jeremy will be caught without a fork or spoon. Having this set in his bag means that no matter what he cooks or buys for a meal, he’s ready to eat without worrying about cutlery!

boomerang food movers prize pack

Nude Food Movers products are available at Walmart stores across Canada or on, and are a must-have for back-to-school season this year. Grab a few essentials in your child’s favourite colour and see how fun and easy packing lunches without litter can be!

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  1. I definitely would want to try the lunch boxes – I love that there are different compartments for various items, so that I can pack her a variety of items in one convenient container.

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