Celebrate the End of Summer with a Stayfree Summer Getaway Prize Pack

There are just a few more weeks of summer left and if you’re looking for a way to make the most of it, then consider taking off on a last-minute weekend getaway.

Whether you favour a trip to the beach or decide to explore that local Bed & Breakfast that you’ve heard about, even a quick trip to a nearby destination can leave you feeling rested and revitalized.

stayfree summer getaway prize pack

With Stayfree products in your travel bag, you won’t have to slow down as you enjoy the last warm days of the year. The pads lock in liquid in just seconds so that you can indulge in your favourite activities without worry.

But whether your perfect end-of-summer activity involves hiking, biking or just lounging in the sun, this prize pack is sure to make your getaway even more enjoyable! Enter to win and get ready for one last summer hurrah!

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255 thoughts on “Celebrate the End of Summer with a Stayfree Summer Getaway Prize Pack”

  1. I would like to spend our last summer weekend as a family outside in the fresh air – a hike, a bike ride, a picnic etc.

  2. I’d like to put up a tent in back yard and have a fire going in the pit and roast marshmallows and then go inside the house to sleep. or maybe if i’m brave in the tent.

  3. I would love to spend my last summer weekend at the lake. I love camping and I love living in such a beautiful state. I would be able to swim and relax!

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