Get the Best Baby Gear for Up to 90% off with PatPat

I absolutely loved shopping for baby gear, but I have to admit that it got expensive pretty quickly. While some items were essentials and others were just for fun, the costs added up faster than I would have expected!

Now, a brand new app is changing that for new parents across the United States with great deals on baby gear and more for absurdly low prices!

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PatPat is a free-to-download app available for both iOS and Android systems featuring great deals on everything from toys to organic baby clothing to cloth diapers.

Items are available for up to 90% off the retail price, and there’s even a freebie offered in limited quantities each day starting at 6am EST! No wonder the app was recognized last week by Apple as one of the best free apps available!

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Even though my boys are no longer babies, I couldn’t resist downloading the app and seeing for myself what it had to offer. With up to twenty new deals posted every day, there’s no shortage of choice for any parent looking for the best baby products!

I especially loved the wet bags and cloth diapers available for just $5.99 each. And I even found some fabulous formal five-piece suits in perfect sizes for my boys for just $30.99 in the kids clothing section!

patpat deal

Of course, no parent is willing to sacrifice quality for a great deal, and that’s why I appreciate the PatPat quality check system.

Instead of just having retailers ship items directly to the purchasers, PatPat requests the item from the manufacturer, confirms the quality and then sends it out to the buyer.

Knowing that the products I buy will be ones I can safely give to my children is a huge advantage when I’m shopping!

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If you’d love to check out PatPat for yourself, I have a special coupon code offer that you won’t want to miss! Use the code MOMK35 when signing up for the app to save 35% off your order PLUS $5 off for new users!

And with free shipping throughout the United States, there’s just no reason to pay more for those baby items you’ve been craving. In fact, the stylish wet bags I was admiring are just $0.64 with this coupon code deal!

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When I think back to how much I spent on cloth diapers, toys and cute baby outfits over the years, I can’t help but wish PatPat had been available then. But even now, I’ve found so much to love about this app.

With great deals on women’s clothes, kids’ fashions, jewellery and so much more, PatPat is a great way to get the gear you want without breaking the bank. Download the app and check it out for yourself today!

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  1. Terrific savings, Too bad it isn’t available in Canada. My niece is expecting her baby in December, this would be wonderful for her as she’s on a limited income.

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