Don’t Travel For Work Without These 3 Must-Have Master Lock Products #LSSS

One of the best things about starting a new job is discovering the different perks that might not be apparent when first being hired. From discounts on groceries when working at a supermarket to trips to fun locations for training courses, every new job has a few of those unexpected bonuses that help to make it special.

When I started blogging, I hadn’t realized how many opportunities to travel I would receive as a result. It’s easily one of my favourite perks of running a website, but it does require some extra preparation and security too! That’s why these three Master Lock products are a must for me any time I need to travel for work.

Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace Personal Safe

master lock safespace

I’ve touted the virtues of the SafeSpace before, and it remains one of my favourite Master Lock products years after I first had the chance to try one. The convenient portable safe is the perfect place to safely store insurance papers, money and identification when travelling. And since its cable lock can be secured to a solid item, it provides double security for important valuables.

Master Lock 4680DBLK Luggage Lock

master lock luggage lock

This handy luggage lock is perfect for securing your luggage and since I often travel with electronics and work-related papers, that’s important to me. This luggage lock opens with a simple 3-digit numerical code, but is also TSA accepted so that security can unlock the bag and inspect luggage without damaging the lock.

Master Lock 5422D Portable Key Safe

master lock key safe

While it’s important to me that my house is secure when I travel, I also want to have a way to give a person access to the house in case of an emergency. Locking this portable key safe around the back door knob gives me the best of both worlds. I have a key that’s easily accessible if it’s needed, but that still can’t be used unless I pass along the safe’s four-digit code to a trusted friend or neighbor. It’s a must for anyone that’s away from their house often!

No matter what fun perks a new job offers, Master Lock has a variety of products available that will help you keep your important gear and documents secure as you start on your new adventure. From locking file boxes to digital combination locks, Master Lock is there with products to help you make the most of the workday as you master the roles of a brand new job!

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