Get the Perfect Breeze in Your House with the Ozeri 3X Tower Fan

I’ve spent my entire life in a house without central air conditioning and since my previous home was over 100 years old, that meant that summer could be sweltering! I eventually bought a window air conditioner for the master bedroom because it was the only way I could get any sleep on a hot summer’s night. And for every other part of the house, I used fans.

Now my boys, my significant other and I are living in an apartment as we await an upcoming move out of the province. And I’ve found that fans in the rooms are equally important here. For one thing, the small space can get quite stuffy when the weather gets too cold to open the windows. And for another, the smells from other apartments often seem to waft into our own. While some smells are fairly pleasant, others are horrible!

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That’s why I was thrilled about the chance to review the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan. This fan features a multitude of settings and three independently controllable fans in one unit. Setting up the fan was a simple matter of screwing the tower onto the sturdy base and took just seconds. Then I turned the fan upright, plugged it into the wall and got ready to test it out.

The first thing that really struck me about this fan was how stylish it was. It looks rather like a speaker tower with its sleek, black design and three circular fan openings. I started playing around with the settings and within a few minutes, I knew this fan was more impressive than any other one I’d ever owned.

The fan features three different speeds, horizontal oscillation, a timer and even an remote control! It can also be set to special Nature and Sleep fan cycles in addition to the regular cycle for varied fan speeds designed to relax by mimicking a natural breeze. To top it all off, each of the three fans can be turned on or off independently so that I can always get just the right breeze.

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Personally, I think my favourite feature is the timer. My boyfriend loves having the fan on when he goes to sleep and while I enjoy it as well, I generally wake up hours later in the middle of the night feeling chilled because of the breeze. Now we can set the timer to turn itself off after a few hours so that we can both sleep in comfort!

I have to admit that when I first got this fan, I didn’t really expect that it would wow me. After all, how exciting can a new fan be? But Ozeri has put so much thought and care into creating the perfect fan that I really was blown away by how much better it was than our previous ones. If you need a little more air circulation in your house, Ozeri is sure to satisfy. And you’ll love how many options you have for getting the perfect breeze!

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  1. this would be so amazing , sure look awesome , would be perfect for them hot summer days and those cold winter days for pushing the heat upstairs in our old home :)

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