Learning Through Pretend Play with Toys from LeapFrog #LeapFrogMomSquad

While I do love the modern and trendy LeapFrog gaming systems and tablets, I have to admit that I’ve always had a special fondness in my heart for the company’s toddler toys. LeapFrog has a special talent for turning pretend play into a learning experience, and the brand new Number Lovin’ Oven and Scout’s Build & Discover Tool set are perfect examples of that.

The LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven not only lets kids pretend to cook just like mom and dad, it introduces basic number concepts including counting and fractions. With sixteen different food items to cook, little ones can pretend to make all their favourite treats. And with more than thirty songs and phrases from the talking oven to engage kids, learning to cook is more educational than ever!

leapfrog number lovin oven

My personal favourite feature of the oven is the way it incorporates basic cooking concepts into the number recognition skills that are being taught. Cooking something for a count of five prompts comments about a potential extra-crispy dish, while adjusting the temperature lets kids learn the difference between low, medium and high numbers. Best of all, the little oven is big on personality with plenty of funny phrases and rhymes to keep kids entertained as they learn!

If your child would rather build than bake, then Scout’s Build & Discover Tool Set is another great option for pretend play. Scout’s doghouse is constructed using the five included tools: a wrench, saw, hammer, ruler and screwdriver. When it’s been fully assembled, it serves as storage for the five tools with a convenient carrying handle.

scout's build discover tool set

But as kids are building and hammering, they are also able to listen to Scout encourage them on the job as the cheerful puppy helps build colour recognition and counting skills. I especially liked the way that the various nails, screws and bolts on the house were the same colour as the tool they require. The simple colour matching activity is a perfect example of learning through play!

My youngest niece has already been having a blast with the Number Lovin’ Oven, just like I love sitting down with her to eat the pretend food she’s cooked. And since my two youngest nephews both have parents that work trade jobs, I’m sure Scout’s Build & Discover Tool Set will be a hit with the two of them when I see them next! Whether you’re shopping for your own child or getting some Christmas present planning done, these two new pretend play toys from LeapFrog are sure to have kids smiling. Find them at stores across North America and get ready for plenty of imagination and learning!

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  1. I have always loved leapfrog! They have so many great toys to help kids learn. This one looks great – thanks for sharing :-)

  2. I love Leap Frog products i used them for my kids and now my grandkids,a true trusted products for sure and this would make a nice gift for my grandson

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