You’ll Have Clean Kids on Christmas Morning with These Top 4 Kandoo Stocking Stuffers #KandooKids

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers that will have you and your kids both excited, look no further than Kandoo! With two boys in the house, I know firsthand how messy kids can get. But with Kandoo products in the house, tidying up is so much fun that your kids will actually be excited to wash their hands and brush their hair! These are my top four picks for popping into a stocking this year:

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Kandoo Clean Your Body Moisturizing Body Wash

Kids are notorious for not being as thorough as a parent might desire, and if that’s ever resulted in your child not getting their entire body washed during a bath, this body wash will be a dream come true! Featuring Kandoo’s popular BrightFoam colours, the wash makes it easy for kids to see any spots they’ve missed scrubbing. And they’ll love the task of covering themselves in colour! With Vitamin E and natural fruit extracts, it also moisturizes delicate skin while helping kids get clean.

Kandoo Salon Quality Detangler

When I was a child, my tomboy personality often left my hair hopelessly tangled and matted. I even had a teacher once tell me I needed to spend more time brushing my hair! But I would scream and cry as my mom worked the brush through my tangled mop in an attempt to smooth out the mess. If only I’d had Kandoo Salon Quality Detangler back then! Whether your little girl enjoys keeping her tresses looking their best or has a wild mane that needs taming like I once did, she’ll love how this detangler smooths out the knots for pain-free brushing and adds natural conditioners to help nourish hair!

Kandoo Simply Suds Bubble Bath

There’s just no doubt about it…baths are better with bubbles! And the long-lasting bubbles produced by this hypoallergenic formula ensures that your kids will spend plenty of time playing in the tub (and come out squeaky clean afterwords)! As a parent, I love that this bubble bath is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and other harsh chemicals. My boys, on the other hand, just love all the bubbles in the tub!

Kandoo Wash Your Hands Moisturizing Hand Soap

It’s hard to make hand-washing fun for kids, but Kandoo manages to do it with two fabulous foaming hand soaps in kid-friendly colours and scents! My boys love the fruity aroma of the Magic Melon and Funny Berry soaps, but it’s the BrightFoam colours that really make these soaps so appealing! And as an added bonus, the airy foam makes it easier for kids to get the soap all over their hands. You won’t believe how clean your kids will be once they find this hand soap in their stocking!

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It might seem hard to believe that kids could get excited about something as simple as body wash and bubble bath for Christmas, but Kandoo products are so much fun that every child is happy to have them! And since that means a cleaner child in the house with less nagging and reminding from you, everyone will be smiling when that Christmas stocking is unpacked!

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    My grandchildren have some of the Kandoo products and love them. Can’t say I’m fond of the purple foam but then I don’t have to use it. :-)

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