Take Time for Dad this November with Tips from Thomas & Friends

When I was a child, my half-brother was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends. He used to watch the show, read the books and collect all the engines and tracks. And my dad was always there to add new characters to his collection at Christmas and on his birthday, as well as sit down to play with Thomas and all his friends.

Thomas has been helping kids and dads connect for over 70 years now, so to show some appreciation for all that dads do for us, Thomas and Friends has created some great tips to help you show Dad just how much you care!

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Take Time to Show Your Love.

Getting caught up in busy routines, you can often forget to show your appreciation for dad. Make sure you give him a hug every day and let him know that you love him. While this may seem small, it will go a long way in making him feel loved and appreciated.

Have Fun Together.

Try taking the initiative to set a fun activity up for him and the little ones. If he loves baseball, proactively ask to go to the park as a family and throw the ball together. Spending time together doing something he loves will create memories that will last for years to come.

Disconnect to Connect.

It can be easy to spend time together as a family plugged in watching a movie or catching up on your favourite TV shows. But, rather than spending all your time in front of a screen, try setting your littles ones up in a quiet space with dad and their favourite toys. They can have fun building the ultimate Thomas and Friends™ track and dad can share his memories of growing up with Thomas has his best friend!

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To help Dad relax a bit while having some fun playtime too, Mattel is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a Thomas & Friends Turbo Flip Thomas worth $50! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about something you love about your or your child’s dad!

Dads do so much for their children that it’s easy for their own needs to get put aside. So take some time this November to take care of Dad! Not only is it good for him; it will give you a chance to bond with one another too!

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92 thoughts on “Take Time for Dad this November with Tips from Thomas & Friends”

  1. My dad spends so much time with my son that it’s really quite amazing. THere’s so much we can have Q try because of this. Swimming lessons in the afternoon, singing after school while we’re still at work. His patience is amazing.

  2. I loved my dad and was his little girl, boy did he spoil me!!! I miss him everyday, but now I get to watch the love between my grandkids and their father, and they truly love their daddy!!

  3. My childs Dad is a stong forgiving man,who stood by me during the last 23 years of illness,who did everything for our daughter for months and months when i could not get out of bed when my illness was at its worst.

  4. I love that my dad would do anything for me- from watching my three crazy kids so I can run errands, to getting my tires changed on my car, even at 31 years old! LOVE HIM!

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