Celebrate Winter with These 4 Snowy Winter Activities

Here in Saskatchewan, we’ve been enjoying one of the mildest winters in years. And as much as I’m loving each and every warm day, I have to admit that I will be excited to dive into some of those fun outdoor activities that my family can only do in the winter. Planning your own outdoor excursion? These four activities are sure to be fun for the whole family!

kids climbing a large pile of snow


Grab a sled and trek to the top of that perfectly powdered hill. Tobogganing is a great family activity that everyone can enjoy; nothing beats the thrill of sliding down a snowy white hill. What’s your toboggan of choice? The classic wooden style? The faster and more unpredictable flying saucer, or maybe a sleek crazy carpet?


For a calmer experience, a nice skate around a local outdoor rink is a great way to enjoy an afternoon outdoors with your kids. The low pressure environment is perfect for getting younger kids started on skates. And even older children will enjoy showing off their moves out on the ice!


If the snow is particularly deep, why not try snowshoeing? Modern snowshoes are inexpensive, snap onto all boots and are a fun and interesting way to walk across deep snow without sinking. In fact, snowshoes are a great way to get to the top of a toboggan hill safely and quickly.

Snow Fort

If staying closer to home seems more appealing, building a snow fort with the kids in the yard is a classic winter activity. Packing snow into bread tins is fun way to make snow bricks for building the best fortress on the block. And to add some extra pizzazz to your creation, try filling spray bottles with coloured water so kids can decorate their snowy hideout!

zack playing defence cassie campbell-pascall

In this province I know that there’s no question of us getting snow eventually, so I don’t mind waiting a little longer to indulge in cold weather activities. And when the snow does finally start to fall, I’m going to make the most of it with plenty of outdoor fun with my boys!

Whether you try one of these four winter activities or plan some other outdoor event, snow is a lot more enjoyable when you’re spending time with your family!

18 thoughts on “Celebrate Winter with These 4 Snowy Winter Activities”

  1. ruth moreira-lozon

    My kids love toboganning, but it’s hard to do with no snow :( We had snow for 2 or 3 days earlier in the month, but now it’s all gone. so we wait…thankfully there is a skating arena right by our house that we go to at least once a week!

  2. Love Fort building the last few winters we haven’t had much snow to make forts. fingers cross for more snow this year

  3. Although it’s a few days late, I’m happy snow is finally here! I would’ve preferred a white Christmas, but, yay for snow activities finally!!!

  4. lots of great activities..just wish we would snow on the west coast! When I was a kid here we lived outside in the winter, ponds were frozen over, lots of snow..

  5. We’ve been out skating a couple of times now – trying to make practising the stuff he’s learning in his lessons fun. We have a nifty skating path at Greenwood Park in Toronto. If you haven’t been and are in the area you should check it out!

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