Enjoy Healthy Eating on the Go with Happy Planet Grab & Go Fresh Soups-Giveaway

For the most part, I eat pretty healthy. While I enjoy the occasional chocolate or pizza splurge as much as anyone, my everyday diet is mostly lean protein, whole grains and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But the one thing that can always sabotage my healthy eating plans, despite my best efforts, is being rushed at mealtime. When I’m ready for lunch and have lots to do, grabbing unhealthy convenience food is just so much easier than making a healthy meal myself.

happy planet grab & go soups

Luckily for me, Happy Planet, a fabulous Canadian company with popular lines of organic juices, smoothies and soups, has given me a solution to my problem! New Happy Planet Grab & Go Fresh Soups are a quick, easy, wholesome and healthy way to enjoy a delicious meal on even the busiest days! I recently received an assortment of the new Grab & Go soups to test out and I couldn’t wait to grab my spoon.

The soups are gluten-free, contain no preservatives and are packed with tasty vegetarian ingredients for a meal that’s bursting with flavour. I’m a huge fan of Thai food, so I decided to try the Thai Coconut soup first. I removed the lid, pulled off the plastic seal and microwaved the soup for two minutes. Just that quickly, my lunch was ready! I took a bite and fell in love; with baby corn, cilantro and Thai chilies, this soup had a spicy warmth to it that was perfect for cold winter weather.

spoon of happy planet squash soup

But after sampling all five flavours, I was surprised to discover that my very favourite soup in the line was the new West African Squash and Cashew soup! Despite being dairy-free, the soup had an addictive creamy texture that I just couldn’t resist. And the blend of spices including turmeric and cinnamon gave it a unique flavour that consistently had me wishing for just one more bite!

If you could use some healthy lunch options for your busy days, Happy Planet is here to help! The company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a Happy Planet Grab & Go Fresh Soup for a Month prize pack worth $200! Containing thirty Happy Planet free product coupons, you’ll be able to enjoy a tasty fresh soup for lunch every day, no matter how busy the holidays get! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which one of the five varieties of Happy Planet Grab & Go Fresh Soup you’re most excited to try.

happy planet grab & go soup varieties

While I love having these soups in the fridge on a busy day, I think my significant other may enjoy them even more! Working for CP Rail means that he’s away from home a lot with very short notice, so grabbing one of these soups and tossing it into his travel bag means that he has a quick and easy meal ready for him when he gets to the bunkhouse. But whether you need healthy meals for the road like my man or want them ready and waiting at home like I do, these soups are sure to become a favourite. Give one a try and discover love at first bite!

Happy Planet Soup giveaway

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