Holidays are More Magical with NOUWEE Lanterns and Balloons-Giveaway

When it comes to adding a touch of magic to the holiday season, a little special something goes a long way. And that’s something that NOUWEE, a Quebec-based company specializing in fun and festive party decor, understands very well. Recently I received an assortment of NOUWEE products to test out, and I couldn’t wait to use them to create a magical Christmas experience for my family!

nouwee holiday products

The “Dear Santa” Lanterns were especially perfect for holiday fun and included a biodegradable paper lantern with combustible flame, a letter for Santa and a hook to attach the letter to the lantern. Children write their letter, hook it onto the lantern and then let an adult light the lantern so it can float away to the North Pole! The boys had a great time writing out their letters, and the idea of sending off a letter by balloon had both of them absolutely captivated.

nouwee dear santa lantern

We also received Snow Colour snow shakers and since we just recently had our first snowfall here in Saskatchewan, these fun colours were the perfect way to celebrate our white Christmas. The boys sprinkled the snow colours to create monsters, Christmas trees and abstract colourful patterns in our front yard. Their uncle even used one of the bottles of Snow Colours to make them a portrait of Homer Simpson!

nouwee snow colours

Finally, we tested out NOUWEE’s debut product, Luminous Balloons, and the newer Pinata Balloons. From the moment I pulled the plastic tab out of the first balloon and inflated it, I could see why the glowing balloons with an LED light source inside are such a hit! I inflated them during an early Christmas dinner and present opening with family and the boys weren’t the only ones having fun bouncing the balloons around. And the Pinata Balloons were just as popular, with rattling confetti inside ready to burst and shower our party with fun!

nouwee pinata balloons

To help you celebrate your next holiday bash with some extra style, NOUWEE has a very special giveaway just for you. One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a NOUWEE prize pack containing two “Dear Santa” lanterns and a box of Luminous Balloons, a $40 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which of these great NOUWEE holiday products is your favourite.

I had a chance to chat with the company’s founder recently and one of the things he said was that the motivation behind creating NOUWEE had been to encourage and celebrate the sense of wonder that children bring to every occasion, and these products certainly did that for us this holiday season. If you want to add an extra special bit of magic to your Christmas, NOUWEE is the perfect way to do that. Check out the full range of products and pick our a few favourites for you and your children!

Nouwee giveaway

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