Get Your Energy Back After the Holidays with 3 Quick Tips

The holidays were two weeks of nonstop fun in this household but now that the merriment is pretty much over, we’re all in desperate need of a recharge. Too many late nights, too much holiday food and too much excitement has left the entire family exhausted. So how do we charge our bodies and get back in the swing of things? These three health tips for women have helped me get back to normal again!

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1) Daily Multivitamins

It’s all too easy to forget about taking those daily vitamins when the focus is on opening presents, visiting family and digging into another delicious feast. So one of the fastest and easiest ways to ensure good health was for us to start making our daily vitamins a habit again. When I take out the children’s gummy vitamins each day, I make sure to take out our Orange Naturals Adult Multi vitamins at the same time. Considering there’s still likely to be some feasting on holiday leftovers in the coming days, making sure we get the vitamins and minerals we need is a must!

2) Orange Naturals MagPop!

The newest product from Orange Naturals is also one that’s perfect for ensuring optimal energy. A great source of magnesium, MagPop! drink mix is a bubbly orange-flavoured drink sweetened with xylitol and containing no artificial colours or flavours. Since magnesium is essential for everything from bone building to muscle function to cellular metabolism, it’s a must for feeling your best every day!

3) Getting Outside

There aren’t many things that provide an instant boost of energy quite the way that fresh air and exercise do. And with winter in full swing, there are so many ways to get active while having fun with the family. Building a snowman, sledding or even just making snow angels can be a great way to get both kids and adults active while also getting muscles moving again after lazy holiday days indoors.

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With the new year here and everyone getting back to their routines, it just makes sense to treat your body right with essential nutrients and exercise. For more great advice on keeping your energy up all winter, make sure to check out the Orange Naturals newsletter. It’s got health tips for women, articles and recipes from real people like you! With just a few simple and fun steps, you’ll be shaking off that lethargy and getting back to your week with full energy in no time!

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. I dont take daily vitamins but I think I am going start, my hope is the it will help my energy levels throughout the day

  2. Orange Naturals is a great product and I haven’t got any complaints with the products that I have tried, I would love to try the magpop, maybe one of these days!!

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